I'll meet you in my dreams...

By Quietus

My heart cries out for yours,

Yours that is so faraway, so long gone, that my soul aches,

Aches as if it has been penetrated by a million hammers,

Hammers so brutal that it takes all my will to move,

Move on from this awful sentiment.

You left me without a warning,

Warning that I’d be forever alone,

Alone with my desperate recollection,

Recollection, that no matter how much I try, it pains me to see,

See the gorgeous smile you once wore that you will never wear again.

Your beautiful face scorches my evocative dreams,

Dreams that are now nightmares,

Nightmares where I am completely alone and without an ounce of comfort,

Comfort that has left me long ago,

Ago that seems so distant yet so close, that it’s haunting.

My life seems so worthless and I wonder what I’m doing here,

Here on this lonely earth,

Earth that’s so far-off from me,

Me, the futile speck who does nothing in this life,

Life that’s so insignificant without you.

I wish you could wrap me in your arms,

Arms that were so friendly and warm,

Warm enough for me to stay there forever,

Forever that doesn’t exist, because everyone dies,

Dies just like you did.

And even though you’re not here--

Here in this horrible place,

Place that I inhabit without you,

You, the person I miss so much--my eyes start to close,

Close and as I drift to sleep, I meet you in my dreams.

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Copyright 2011 Quietus
Published on Friday, May 13, 2011.     Filed under: "Poetry"

Author's Note:

I wanted to write a loop poem :) It still needs work, I think.
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Comments on "I'll meet you in my dreams..."

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  • Quietus On Sunday, May 15, 2011, Quietus (83)By person wrote:

    Thanks so much, everyone :)

  • ShadowWalker On Saturday, May 14, 2011, ShadowWalker (193)By person wrote:

    Wonderful .. I wanted to cry. So much emotion here. Thank you so very much :)

  • Cindy-ydniC On Saturday, May 14, 2011, Cindy-ydniC (15)By person wrote:

    i think i can say for certain that we have all felt like that :s well done

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