*dreaming (through a hotel window)

By Sketso

A recent cold blast, yes yes...  and a bit of recent conversation as well, it all stirred this former write in my soul.  Thank you for indulging a re-posting from the past.


Cold, broken and failing  
with life’s blood flowing slower  
as she settled with what was,  
striving to fight as best she knew how  
through the onslaught of cold pain  
now coming…  
I sat at the window,  
gazing at that poor tree,  
“How does she survive?”  
Everything she was built for,  
sunshine and glory,  
warm days bringing flutters  
and soft summer breezes  
were gone, distant memories,  
and harsh reality, now bitter  
had come.  
Harsh winds caressed dead branches  
like a calloused rapist,  
while whispered protests of anguish  
sounded more like the clatter  
of dry bones on a hillside.  
Surely, despair was rising  
as the sun slowly set.  
‘Twas then that a miracle occurred…  
Somewhere, in growing darkness,  
one hand made the change.  
Switch flipped in indifference  
brought forth beauty from pain,  
yet the world didn’t stop,  
never noticed…  
the moment was mine,  
all alone.  
Lights glowed forth in the void,  
shining warm and with glee,  
and the transformation of those branches  
spoke volumes to my now moistened eyes.  
Hidden splendor, just before unseen,  
stood before me in glory,  
reminding that even pain,  
apparent endings,  
could hide newfound treasures  
when looked upon in the right light,  
with right timing.  
She reminded me of you…  
I witnessed your beauty,  
when the sun never set on the vigor of your life;  
how each day brought new wonder  
and you flourished  
within your element.  
I also saw your pain,  
when the sun shifted away,  
leaving cold fury and anguish.  
I saw your tears fall  
like dead sap  
to slowly settle in the cracks,  
hardening your shell  
to the absence of warmth.  
I saw you shut down, settling,  
yet striving to fight as best you knew how  
through the onslaught of pain  
now coming…  
(your winter)  
As I looked upon her myriad of lights,  
I was reminded of your eyes;  
how occasionally, they glisten  
with that twinkle of mischief  
usually hidden deep in the sadness,  
lighting you up with beauty often not witnessed  
by those in the midst of indifference,  
and I’ve seen that smile loosed  
to brighten the growing darkness  
and felt the fires in my heart  
answer with their own flame.  
As I looked upon the sway of her branches,  
even though I once thought they moved  
at the whims of the north wind, cruel jester,  
I was reminded of that self-same rhythm,  
oft times seen in you;  
how you flow like molten gold across the room.  
As I stood there, enraptured,  
I recognized the yearning inside me.  
The very one I always feel…  
when I watch you.  
In my comfort and warmth,  
I gazed for what seemed like years,  
and my heart began to tremble,  
beating to the rhythm of those wind-whipped branches  
as I fought the urge  
to break my schedule  
and do something unplanned,  
running haphazardly into darkness  
to dance right beside her  
under the beauty of her boughs  
even though nary a soul would see the sense of it,  
but rather a fool in the night,  
cold… and alone.  
I feel the same for you…  
I want to dance with you  
as I revel in your presence, selfishly hoarding  
the hidden beauty that I see.  
I want to be the hand, no longer indifferent,  
that flips your switch, lights your smile,  
makes you whisper,  
not as if dead, but alive.  
Despite my schedule, the map I’ve drawn out,  
I want to live unplanned,  
running haphazardly into what others call darkness  
to dance beside you,  
until I can become your spring  
and watch you bloom once more.  
Tap on the shoulder…  
“Time to go.”  
Pulled the curtains,  
closed the door.  
It seems I may never again have the chance to dance.  
Cold, broken and failing  
with life’s blood flowing slower  
I’m starting to settle with what is,  
striving to fight as best I know how  
through the onslaught of cold pain  
now coming…  
(my winter) 


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Copyright 2010 Sketso
Published on Sunday, November 21, 2010.     Filed under: "Poetry"
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  • urbanhumility On Monday, November 22, 2010, urbanhumility (1205)By person wrote:

    beautiful beyond many things, well done, well said..............urban

  • A former member wrote: how can one not hope for such an intimate miracle? how can one not bookmark this closely and hope and hope and hope........

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