By deadlyangel27

Watch him pack his bags as he prepares for his Navy leave
Listen to him talk to people about going overseas
Wondering why the Navy has to take him far away
Hating them for forcing him when they know he wants to stay
Hoping, by some strange fate, he doesn’t have to go
Denying it will happen as the date begins getting close
Thinking about how you’ll miss him even when you argue sometimes
Knowing when he leaves you’ll have to try to keep from crying
Riding to the airport to hug and watch him go
Walking with him to the hanger, anxious for him to board
Hugging him and holding on, afraid to say goodbye
Trying to hold back tears but they fall, no matter how hard you try
Crying into his uniform, you feel him hug you tight
Shaking your head as he tells you it’ll be alright
Telling him you love him, that you’ll miss him every day
He tells you nothing will change, but you know it won’t be the same
Letting go to watch him walk to climb the stairs
Knowing the tears won’t help, but you don’t really care
Trying to be strong, you take a breath and smile
Waving towards the plane, holding up for just a little while
The plane has flown away, and the tears come back with force
Wiping your eyes as if it’ll help, your heart filled with remorse
Riding home without him, nobody says a word
Each one dwelling in their thoughts, feeling the worst has just occurred
That night you fall asleep with gentle tears your only comfort
Hoping that the time he’s gone will be quick and oh so short
Dreaming about the happy times, the family before he left
Mom, your sister, your brother, and everybody else
Mourning is unavoidable, but it gets easier with time
You wonder and you worry, but you know you’ll hear from him
Casting away your sadness, you act strong for every one else
And, over time, things get better, and you can smile to yourself
Six months gets closer to the date, and soon you’re on your way
The airport isn’t far now, it’s his arrival day
Communication had been scarce, but today it doesn’t matter
You stand with your family, waiting for the plane, your mind a thoughtless chatter
You watch them begin coming off the plane, watch the families embrace
Watch the smiles that appear and the happy tears that cascade
And here he comes, a walking relic, your daddy coming towards all of you,
A smile on his face, and a happiness shining through
Before you know it, you’re running, jumping up into his hold
And he hugs you back, just as tight, his happiness uncontrolled
And everything’s okay again, your daddy’s back from his endeavor
And all that matters is he’s back, and you get to drive him home together
You may have missed him while he was gone, but he missed all you too
And he's just as happy as you were, when he came home to you

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Copyright 2010 deadlyangel27
Published on Sunday, November 14, 2010.     Filed under: "Poetry"

Author's Note:

A poem that came to mind from the topic of a contest- it was meant for that, but writing it affected me, despite how I tried to keep from crying... I'm certainly not the only one dealing with this- but I'm damn sure I'm proud of everybody that does.
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  • Brianas_Vampire_King On Monday, November 15, 2010, Brianas_Vampire_King (24)By person wrote:

    You want my opinion Briana? Your father would and will be proud, wether you believe it or not, you two argue so much. Yet, through the arguments and the fights... You love him... and this poem... absolutely proves it... Just remember by the way I may not be much help... But i'm here if you need me once he leaves, along with all of the gang, Ash, Josh, all of us, we'll be here. =)

  • Asylum On Sunday, November 14, 2010, Asylum (11)By person wrote:

    oh, i know the harshities of deployment all too well. im in the army, and ive got another 10 months to go before i get to come home from iraq. let me tell you, being on the other side of the goodbyes is just as difficult. not being able to see those you love for such a long time, and all the while nursing a constant worry in the back of your mind whether or not youll actually make it back alive; very touchy subject for me. i really like how you've portrayed the part of the family that's left back in the rear, because i've never seen what happened after i boarded the plane. how hard coping with the temporary loss of a loved one was on the other side. thank you very much; i appreciate this piece.

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