The Path Away

By Scarrzz


Dark clouds flow across the moon, hiding heaven's meager light

        Cold wind blows through scattered leaves, swirling shadows taking flight

With head bowed low and weary gait a solitary figure takes

        Shuffling footsteps on the path that crosses all of his mistakes

Feet trudge on but mind falls back to better days so full of life

        A stab of pain and then regret force his withdrawal from the fight

What is the nature of a man, when even  hope has left his heart?

        A lonely, empty, broken shell who prays his feelings to depart

Creeping numbness through the soul, enduring autumn's frosty bite

       There is no warmth within at all, he draws the cloak around him tight

              And walks alone

                       Into the night


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Copyright 2010 Scarrzz
Published on Thursday, September 9, 2010.     Filed under: "Structured" and "Poetry"

Author's Note:

My final submission for the first DP College.
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Comments on "The Path Away"

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  • A former member wrote: should I be analyzing the structure here? I love the sentiment, I mean there is a certain nobility of sorts... forlorn, shunned and dismissed, but yet as if there were a head held high somewhere despite the feeling of rejection... How consistently were you seeking to make the meter? I like the final half-line rhyme that sends the reader off with the persona in the poem..... the mixture of natural with supernatural components.. the soul in autumn... brings about a unity, perhaps, of metaphysics and physics... natural supernaturalism.... sarter resartus... Carlyle, is it? Meter is hard to judge, since it is a matter of reading, often, and sometimes close is good enough... but I thought I found a number of trochees and iambs starting lines... and I wasn't entirely convinced of uniformity in feet.... but, ya know.... it's a really sound poem.... and the sentiment as well as imagery is very consistent.... tells a tale, if you will... nice work, man and congrats! scholar!

  • Scarrzz On Wednesday, September 22, 2010, Scarrzz (246)By person wrote:

    Thank You, Ainsof. You know me well, and are acutely perceptive. I didn't even recognize the sense of quiet nobility conveyed between the lines, but I felt it as I wrote. I love it when a feeling comes out of the whole rather than a specific wording. I don't claim much nobility, but I believe that being willing to risk all by giving a full measure of love is about as deserving of respect as anyone really can get. - As far as the meter goes, Matt read it that way too, but I had intended Iambic with the employment of some anacrusis at the beginning of a few lines. Those could as well be read trochaically, but that wasn't my intent. I wasn't really worrying about constraining the reading of the piece that much, just wanted the flow to be smooth while demonstrating familiarity with meter, since it was for my assignment. Thanks for the thoughtful comment, my friend. Scholar

  • A former member wrote: "With head bowed low and weary gait a solitary figure takes" haunting. Numerous great lines in this piece. Beautifully done. =) Scholar

  • A former member wrote: i completely get this and its a great piece Scholar

  • Malcholm Dark On Thursday, September 9, 2010, Malcholm Dark (1042)By person wrote:

    I love the dark imagery and the heart-felt prose... well done, thank-you

  • A Life Without You On Thursday, September 9, 2010, A Life Without You (195)By person wrote:

    what a captivating piece, i loved every line. i was quickly submerged within the imagery, beautiful to say the least, bravo friend, one of my favorites

  • Scarrzz On Thursday, September 9, 2010, Scarrzz (246)By person wrote:

    Very kind words, Thank You very much. Scholar

  • A former member wrote: this is how i feel walking down the street in autumn. cold and wind blown. empty and dusty but, I relish the mutual feeling for the cold. I know it feels the same despair it feels as I press into it. ~moony Scholar

  • Scarrzz On Wednesday, May 11, 2011, Scarrzz (246)By person wrote:

    I may be nearing the place you told me to go, Moongirl. The more I realize there's nothing to hold onto, the easier it is to try letting go. . . some days anyway. Scholar

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