Ride With Me, California Style

By Malcholm Dark

Come live Your life without regret
And ride with me in my Corvette...

We meet the gang at In-N-Out
A party planned, we twist and shout.
My baby in her see-all skirt
And me in my Hawaiian shirt.
Cruisin' down the coastal highway
Huntington beach comes up my way.
The tide rolls out, the sun comes down
Let's rock this night in partytown.

Sweet ocean air, we're feeling fine
Come take this plate and do a line.
The moon lights up a calming sea
Intense white sand is calling me.
Oh yes, we're sparkin' up the buds
And yes, we're drinkin' down the suds.
Our bonfire roars, the beach well lit
The dactyls dance and worship it.

Oh, mine and baby's eyes just met
A little taste of love to get.
Our midnight venture to the dock
Her thoughts received without much talk.
Young lovers on a sandy beach
She wants to learn, I want to teach.
Our romantic entanglement
This time we share so amply spent.

I live my life without regret
Come ride with me in my Corvette.

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Copyright 2010 Malcholm Dark
Published on Friday, September 3, 2010.     Filed under: "Beat" and "Poetry"

Author's Note:

when nothing in this world matters but you, your woman, and the weekend.
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Comments on "Ride With Me, California Style"

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  • A former member wrote: a tale well told... impeccable rhythm.... complete structure... vivid description.... the total package.... and yet the hedonism seems to have a superficiality of sorts... the voice detached.... devoid of emotion.... so plastic, this tone... a subtle critique, no doubt.... kudos! ... I love In-n-Out ;) the fast food and the innuendo seem to sum up the ride

  • Miztaken4beauty On Monday, September 13, 2010, Miztaken4beauty (205)By person wrote:

    Seems like a relaxing way to be. ha, the real American dream.

  • A former member wrote: This is fun. I am a Cali girl so I know what your talkin bout. =)

  • ubiquitoussoul On Friday, September 3, 2010, ubiquitoussoul (411)By person wrote:

    Great piece man. Flow was superb. Sounds like an amazingly relaxing experience.. Time on the road the beach on beast machines in natures beautiful landscape with friends .. You and your love sound very happy .cheers to good times!

  • lupus tenebrae On Friday, September 3, 2010, lupus tenebrae (1020)By person wrote:

    This makes me realize why I like traveling, it's the simple things in life. This write has called out to the roadie in me, and evoked familiar and pleasant memories. Another amazing piece my friend, write on. Scholar

  • DK6_Marius On Friday, September 3, 2010, DK6_Marius (308)By person wrote:

    Fuck yeah man, California's where it's at, can't say I've been to hungington Beach though, Imperial Beach is where it's at man, Cali for life! Scholar

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