I said I loved you...

By ebonyamore

****inspired by make-believe lover by ainsof****

I said I loved you but I lied
this is more than love I feel inside*

the way your lips moved against mine
would make a whore blush
your tongue probed every rose petal fold
a skilled shaman dancing to make it rain

and rain it did...
a deluge that would have sent noah running for his menagerie
rivers of sweet indulgence on your chin, your neck, my thighs

i shook until i thought the bed would break
but you had only just begun you said

from within my silken tent where you
imprisoned yourself
i heard you-felt you- whisper
'next you'll be on your knees while i cup you with one hand from behind
my thumb on your ass as my cock slams deep within your quivering thighs'

i think i begged
or maybe all the noise i made was a ragged gurgle as the wetness-
i was so fucking wet as i writhed against you-
had nowhere left to escape and flooded my body
leaking from me as sweat...saliva....a lone tear of insanity from a woman tortured so sweetly to the point of cracking....and then shattering into a billion wet, shimmering pieces

oh...oh god...oh god please....no. youhavetostop....i can't take more.....ohhh yeah...right there. mooore. don't stop...don't/ ever/ stop.


until the sweated, wrinkled sheet left
a permanent crease mark on my palm
until my brain was fried on an overdose of this most addictive of drugs
until my pussy would have sold my soul to every devil ever conceived for

i leaned down and bit the finger that had just been inside me as your thumb caressed my nipple.
i sucked it until i thought i would gag....then i sucked your cock the same way. there was relief in the overdose of thick, sweet medicine i swallowed...but no cure.

how many hours have we been locked in this room? reciting this carnal bedtime story?

in the end all my love for words shut itself off...like the starving artist who couldn't pay the light bill for fear his muse would suffer. how do you say
'i need this fuck...devour me whole and spit me out....lick the throbbing neon pink signs that blink your name a thousand times a minute....eviscerate my independence...chain me naked to your bed and throw away the key?'
those were the words you made me believe....but all i had enough strength left for was one labored gasp: 'i... love... you' gurgled between wet, shuddering, panting breaths. its the mantra of a weak woman... and baby, after that marathon...i'm one weak woman.

*words borrowed from bryan adams

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© 2009 ebonyamore
Published on Friday, April 24, 2009.     Filed under: "Erotica" and "Poetry"
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Comments on "I said I loved you..."

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  • Broken doll On Sunday, March 6, 2016, Broken doll (17)By person wrote:

    Exquisite, sexy and well worth the read.

  • bluebunny On Friday, February 10, 2012, bluebunny (14)By person wrote:

    one word steeemy

  • A former member wrote: "Lick the throbbing neon pink signs that blink your name a thousand times a minute." That was BRILLIANT. This was excellent. Usually, I can't go deeper in erotica than what it is, but this took me way down to a place up and underneath. I loved it.

  • Malice In Wonderland On Wednesday, April 6, 2011, Malice In Wonderland (1021)By person wrote:

    vivid and kinky... good times=) Scholar

  • A former member wrote: wow so..oh my.. i cant put it in words but i love it lol Scholar

  • A former member wrote: love that whispered quote..... mmmmhmmm. Are those words from bryan adams? make a whore blush!? Chains.... are painful.... perhaps we could find an alternative bond..... love to read this, over and over........... Scholar

  • ebonyamore On Friday, April 2, 2010, ebonyamore (107)By person wrote:

    uh no..lol. bryan adams never sang that in a song...or said it to me personally. someone i know a little better than that said it to me *wink wink*

  • A former member wrote: *orders two double Mocha's with whipped cream.* Where would you like to sit, Ms. Amor?

  • A former member wrote: I would like to make a request, if you will, one more of these, please?

  • Winter Born On Wednesday, January 20, 2010, Winter Born (171)By person wrote:

    By the GODS woman! I love it! so very down and dirty, while at the same time being uplifted with words and imagery... gotta fav this one.

  • ALBATROSS On Thursday, April 30, 2009, ALBATROSS (203)By person wrote:

    "a deluge that would have sent noah running for his menagerie rivers of sweet indulgence on your chin, your neck, my thighs" and "there was relief in the overdose of thick, sweet medicine i swallowed...but no cure." PURE FUCKING GENIUS. This is so erotic and an amazing write! And I don't seem to find that too much.

  • MESUN On Saturday, April 25, 2009, MESUN (232)By person wrote:

    wow, everytime i read your stuff, i need a cigarette. i see it so vividly in my mind that i almost feel every motion. awesome.

  • Riven Waker On Friday, April 24, 2009, Riven Waker (348)By person wrote:


  • Mars On Friday, April 24, 2009, Mars (333)By person wrote:

    One very wet write for me babe. This was silky smooth and so juicy... I love it! You sexy lady! ;) Scholar

  • A former member wrote: *lays prostrate before sex kitten* I a at your will. With a song this raw desire sets aflame... sexifying the reader with a longing for complete violation... beyond fulfillment, exhaustion and ecstasy.... the agony lies only in the wait for the next, as I am left with my own mantra... my own desire, for one more... please... one more... and my words can do no justice ♥ Scholar

  • A former member wrote: I *am* at your will. My oh my... what this has done... the keyboard is no longer suited to my fingers... sexilicious Scholar

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