I'm not an object..

By BethanyBallet

It's hard to explain what you do to me
I can't believe I used to envy
Those little dolls you used to make me
believe were perfect

You changed
and changed some more..

It has now made you a complete
So if you are wondering what's going on in my head
Here's the details, begin to dread

You call me your "thing"
but apparently i'm to worthy
to have anyone's opinions matter

That's all you base your life on
Your perfectness has come and gone
You still believe he cares about your body
Why don't you dress up like a teenager and party
Life was always right in the "Good ole days"
I can see you're still thinking about him from the look in your eyes.
But he didn't care about you.
Nor did he about me too.

If he really needed you, do you think he'd cheat?
If he really needed you, do you think i'd wait?
I'm just upset because you make me feel like a thing,
But can't you see i'm running away
I'm disappearing into the future
Cause that's when you'll make time for me
Not now, but later..
I can't seem to understand the meaning of all this nonsense running through my head.
I can't put the puzzle pieces together
I can't hide under all the pressure
I can't make life more enjoyable for you
I try and work, but you will never follow through
Will you?

This was written in memory of... *_____*

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© 2008 BethanyBallet
Published on Tuesday, May 27, 2008.     Filed under: "Personal" and "Poetry"
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Comments on "I'm not an object.."

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  • allenthepope On Tuesday, November 11, 2008, allenthepope (7)By person wrote:

    NICE... I had forgotten about this one

  • brokenbandagedbetter On Monday, October 20, 2008, brokenbandagedbetter (29)By person wrote:

    Very good write Beth. I am so proud of you and your willingness to confront your demons head on through your writing. I am saddened by this though because your existance was so messed up before. I listen to you talk and read what you write and it just breaks my heart that anyone would do the things she has done...and her comment below just pisses me off to no end...The truth sucks for her but how dare she try and chastize you for you feelings and how dare she try to turn the blame on you, you were just a child and she was supposed to be the Mother...I am very sorry my dear. Thank goodness you are out of there. Sweet dreams

  • A former member wrote: oh wowsers, to true. great write

  • A former member wrote: Another great one!!!

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