2007-09-29 Journal Entry- Blind Shadows

By Aunty Depressant

This came to me when I was laying down with my 3 yr. old son:

In my hands,
I hold your head,
Resting between my breasts,
you listen to the beat of my heart
you sleep

Tiny patches of sky disappear and return
from behind the dancing trees.
The drops of rain
storm just past
cling to the windows
casting shadows on the blinds

I stare at my hands...
look again at the blinds...
they look alike.
I wonder to myself

Are these freckles?
or as the time goes
and the sun hides behind another cloud
the shades darken
am I too heading toward the sunset?

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© 2007 Aunty Depressant
Published on Saturday, September 29, 2007.     Filed under: "Reflective" and "Journal"
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  • A former member wrote: how hauntingly real. .. caught in the fleetingness of time and wonder. .of parallels between ourselves and anything that eer existed at all ... great capture

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