shit smelling party favors

By Jonas

dissonance i'm drowning
don't even wanna think about what to do with my head
find myself constantly
shot thru
did you feel it was fun
yea we're best friends
yea we're best friends
the brick wall paint
says call for a good time
looking for a good time
i'm your good time
scrawl your name
my brick face
don't even wanna think about what to do with my head
or the writing on my wall
feverish shifting of my being
of my come
come come on baby
it's not crazy
to believe we
can love
though i'm over now on the other side
up the hill behind third floor curtains
that don't open to the sun
i have the inside
but i don't open to the sun

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Published on Saturday, November 23, 2002.     Filed under: "Poetry"
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Comments on "shit smelling party favors"

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  • Liz On Thursday, June 26, 2008, Liz (272)By person wrote:

    I've never read this before. I'm glad you've written so much.

  • A former member wrote: hmmmm I am not gonna say this one is tasty... but yet it is a treat! haha I'm not quite sure what to make of it just yet... but I can tell it is saying something significant!

  • A former member wrote: i would never fix you. your too pretty.

  • KittyStryker On Sunday, June 20, 2004, KittyStryker (736)By person wrote:

    this... alarmed me and troubled me a lot. which is good- poetry should be able to crawl under the skin and leave a mark. i always wished i could fix it all for you... but i can't, so i won't try. ::hug::

  • cre On Saturday, March 29, 2003, cre (427)By person wrote:

    well, this was excellent. i wish i could go back to anatomy class but instead of breaking the legs and slicing into the belly of that cat i'd like to take your words with me and peruse them for a very long time. i wonder if a moment of insight would have

  • cre On Saturday, March 29, 2003, cre (427)By person wrote:

    the same satisfactory *crack*.

  • Anaelle On Tuesday, February 4, 2003, Anaelle (1)By person wrote:

    hmmm, now that's a beautiful piece, love it

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