lip synced gunshots|hushed finger

By sIo

with half open eyes
i'm staring at light
like this blank white
screen wondering
what is so attractive
about it

the darkness carries
waves of things
in light you'd only see
while feeling counts one
number more
than just the pixels
amounts to

it's true like when
i jump in sadness
at the noise of someone
walking toward me
that lonely feeling
i get all the time
i prefer to feel it
in truth and

that way my every
detailed gesture
can be accidentally
toward no one but
myself and
the walls
by the way
never step up
to the back talk
when i hit them

i guess no one
would if they
were hit dry blows

after a while
the hissing just
grows old
no longer intimidating
with these hollow
fangs lacking
the luster of
defense they once
into my
titanic smile
setting off
for the first time
without so much
as a flinch
until i rest my
head in my fisted
forgetting the grip
i have on reality
two knives between
my teeth
cracking at the
tip of my tongue
a warmhearted
slit ear to
dahlia style

the root of my
a problem better
speaking out when
i know my voice
isn't loud enough
silencing myself
when i know the words
inside my heart whisper
volumes on my mind's
memory hall of fame
what i should have
said and never did
until it was too

i've cried so much
so hard and for so long
that these seasons
in my hand
this deck of cards i'm
shuffling with my
has just frozen over
my house of hearts
and piercing flush
has pinned me to
the ground flesh
fitted to my waterfalls
of dry heaves
the edge at which i
finally know
what needs to be
said but
i've no breath left
to speak it

pointing glares
at triggers
touching imaginary lines
and circling the tile with my
brushing the iced over
gunpowder into my
hand of cards
so when i try to blow
my seasons for a gamble
at melting these walls
i'll dry heave these
wishes through
gun shots
and magic tricks
showing you how
easy it is to make
something disappear

...and let you figure
out on your own how
hard it is to get it

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© 2007 Joanna Smith
Published on Wednesday, July 11, 2007.     Filed under: "Poetry"
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  • Chaos God On Saturday, September 25, 2010, Chaos God (534)By person wrote:

    *cant stop salivating* Delicious Write, That -Dahlia Style- Verse Was An Eyegasum, And The Ending Topped It Of Perfectly.

  • jack paper On Saturday, July 14, 2007, jack paper (127)By person wrote:

    an emotional and wrenching write... the way you pour yourself out and the words you use always impress me...

  • A former member wrote: holy fuck...

  • A former member wrote: I'm glad you're letting the other try to figure it out.. Cuz sometimes you have to start over. I really do like this one especially the ending

  • A former member wrote: once again, that freefall effect/affectation; the words trip and tumble and add a myriad of emotion to the depth of them; love this *ness*

  • asphyxia On Thursday, July 12, 2007, asphyxia (57)By person wrote:

    miss smith, this write breaks me in a very gooood way. and i thank you very much for it! this is entirely heart-wrenching and i'm entirely filled with awe right now.

  • glasshouse On Wednesday, July 11, 2007, glasshouse (568)By person wrote:

    How painful a poem must be to write when such honesty seems to control the pen. That third stanza was... wrenching. And a little too familiar for me lately to be comfortable to read.

  • glasshouse On Wednesday, July 11, 2007, glasshouse (568)By person wrote:

    I love the way you write because you write for me. I know it seems absurd. But you write in my mind's voice so much of the time its hard for me to make it through your poems sometimes. Its delicate. Well done. Very well done. --Jes

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