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vnv nation says:

i'm leaving ground, stepping into a new world
now i'm leaving home, leaving everything that i have ever known
i step into this new world, leaving everything


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Poetry 2005-09-25earthquake-hearted.
Poetry 2005-09-22the closest i come to self-love.
Poetry 2005-09-21anth.
Poetry 2005-09-18wingless
Poetry 2005-09-11sadist.
Poetry 2005-09-07stillframe memoir
Poetry 2005-09-02love anatomy
Poetry 2005-08-15of concrete beaches
Poetry 2005-08-12anorexic self-version: starved kisses
Poetry 2005-08-10dreaming
Poetry 2005-08-07slant rhyme off-key
Poetry 2005-07-22thoughts on god
Poetry 2005-07-19.masturbation.
Poetry 2005-07-19vignette lover
Poetry 2005-07-18child's play
Poetry 2005-07-13egostroke
Poetry 2005-07-12southern belle
Poetry 2005-07-11making[friends with six-]out
Poetry 2005-07-11agony antagonistic
Poetry 2005-06-24homewrecker airplane
Poetry 2005-06-09you flee to elsewhere
Poetry 2005-06-04trees versus people
Poetry 2005-06-04ode to a sandwich
Poetry 2005-06-02alanis song
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