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Poetry 2019-08-26The darkness
Poetry (Personal)2019-08-26The Single Life Of A Married Woman
Poetry (Rage)2019-08-26The Rage
Poetry (Depressed)2019-09-01The Night Of A Drunk Man's Wife
Poetry (Depressed)2019-09-06The Bucket
Poetry (Abuse)2019-09-14Love Lost
Poetry (Depressed)2019-09-16Such is life
Poetry (Personal)2019-09-16My Demons
Poetry (Personal)2019-09-16The Storm
Poetry (Love)2019-10-01A Parents Fears
Poetry (Depressed)2019-10-02Where Is My Home
Poetry (Abuse)2019-10-02The Last Night Of A Drunk Mans Wife
Poetry (Reflective)2019-10-04True love
Poetry (Reflective)2019-10-23Today/Forever
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