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If poisoned, one does not simply sit around and wait for the poison to take effect. One bleeds it off, or draws it from the wound when the cure is unavailable.

Sorrow is the deadliest poison. For it eats away at all things until only itself is left.

And so, to bleed it off something must escape whether it be tears or blood. Let poetry move you to the former so you do not have to let the latter.

But, let not tears or blood if you have a cure. Laughter is the cure.

And friends are the best people to administer it.

wandering druid's Works

Poetry 2005-04-12Brevity
Poetry 2005-04-21streets of grime
Poetry 2005-04-25Her love in death
Poetry 2005-04-30directionless thoughts in misery's wake
Poetry 2005-05-02You on my mind
Poetry 2005-05-06words from a blackened heart
Poetry 2005-05-09Again
Poetry 2005-05-10Thoughts on a cloudless night
Poetry 2005-05-11Our Lullaby
Poetry 2005-05-11I Need a Home
Other 2005-05-24Moral Question
Poetry 2005-05-25A poet's power
Poetry 2005-06-01Thoughts at another sunset
Poetry 2005-06-16A moment of silence
Poetry (Depressed)2005-08-31Would that my blood heal
Poetry (Reflective)2005-09-04Sunset by firelight
Poetry (Philosophical)2005-09-21Neverending Journey
Poetry (Philosophical)2005-09-30Faust's Lament
Poetry (Rage)2005-10-06An Endless Masquerade
Poetry (Depressed)2005-10-07Imaginary
Poetry (Perverse)2005-11-09Preternatural Love
Poetry (Fantasy)2005-12-07A Dreamer's Wish
Poetry 2006-10-10Bleeding on Misty Shores
Poetry 2006-11-16Pensive Below the Falling Leaves
Poetry (Reflective)2007-04-23Past Memories
Poetry (Depressed)2007-04-24Fading Away
Poetry (Spiritual)2007-04-28Devotion to Night
Poetry (Tribute)2007-05-25For Melissa
Poetry (Depressed)2007-06-08Life as Winter
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