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(Me, Myself, and I)

I am me, the only person who must live with myself regardless, and I can never abandon

I am myself, an entity removed from society, forever at odds with the world

I am what I am; whatever I may be
I am comprised of something more than the eye can see

I am curiosity, buried beneath apathy; I am nonconformity, stuffed inside a travesty

I am me, parasitically, nursing on sweet misery
Draining dry the tragedy of this life bestowed on me

I am as I’ll always be; I am someone, I am me

I am creativity, locked within discrepancy
I am ordinarily, lost beyond reality
I am me most naturally; the only one I’d hope to be

Me, myself, and no one else; I am me, explosively!

RaheemaFKM's Works

Poetry 2019-04-15Heart
Poetry 2019-04-16Spell
Poetry 2019-04-16Death
Poetry 2019-04-16Infectious
Poetry 2019-04-25Too Cheesy
Poetry 2019-04-30Such Sweet Words
Poetry 2019-04-30Wishes of the Hopeless Dreamer
Poetry 2019-04-30Inspiration
Poetry 2019-04-30Lost
Poetry 2019-04-30Thrill Seeker
Poetry 2019-04-30Body of Mine
Poetry 2019-04-30Mother
Poetry (Reflective)2019-05-01Ode to Time
Poetry 2019-05-01Reflection of the Beast
Poetry (Love)2019-05-02Love's Blight and Plight
Poetry (Depressed)2019-05-02Separation Anxiety
Poetry (Tribute)2019-05-07The Observers
Poetry (Love)2019-05-07The Pain of Love
Poetry 2019-05-07When Fools Rush In
Poetry (Love)2019-05-07The Cruelty of You
Poetry (Love)2019-05-07Just Because
Poetry (Love)2019-05-08My Substitute Lover
Poetry (Love)2019-05-08If Only
Poetry (Tribute)2019-05-08The One
Poetry 2019-05-08Hell on Earth
Poetry 2019-05-08Bitter Circumlocution
Poetry (Love)2019-05-09Fishing for Love
Poetry 2019-05-09My Precious Thorn
Poetry (Tribute)2019-05-09Love's Ado
Poetry 2019-05-09Piteous Fixation
Poetry 2019-05-09Murder She Wrote
Poetry 2019-05-16The Injunctions (And they said run)
Poetry 2019-05-16A Devil's Deal
Poetry (Tribute)2019-05-16This Too Shall Pass
Poetry 2019-05-16Melancholic Departure
Poetry (Love)2019-06-04Suspicious Love
Poetry (Tribute)2019-06-04Intrusive Reality
Poetry (Personal)2019-06-04When Cupid Missed
Poetry (Tribute)2019-06-04The Conquering Rebound
Poetry (Spiritual)2019-06-04Insidious Poison
Poetry 2019-06-04The Ambush
Poetry (Tribute)2019-06-04Neurotic Nymphomaniacs
Poetry (Love)2019-06-04The Spot
Poetry (Tribute)2019-06-04Nameless Salvation
Poetry (Tribute)2019-06-04The Deviant Ones
Poetry (Personal)2019-06-04Heart of Mine
Poetry (Love)2019-06-04The Lovesick Fool
Poetry (Depressed)2019-06-04Love's Suicide
Poetry (Depressed)2019-06-04Dark Despair
Poetry (Personal)2019-06-04The Bird and the Beast
Poetry (Reflective)2019-06-04The Evisceration
Poetry (Rage)2019-06-04Vengeance is Mine
Poetry (Fantasy)2019-06-04Dollface
Poetry (Philosophical)2019-06-04Life Goes On
Poetry (Love)2019-06-04Like a Secret, Like a Song
Poetry (Reflective)2019-06-04Hearts Wide Open
Poetry 2019-06-04The One in a Million
Poetry (Love)2019-06-04You're Nothing to Me
Poetry (Satire)2019-06-04Stuck on Stupid
Poetry (Tribute)2019-06-04Remember What Is
Poetry (Love)2019-06-04What If
Poetry (Reflective)2019-06-04Certain Things
Poetry (Tribute)2019-06-05For the World
Poetry (Personal)2019-06-05The Extraction of You
Poetry (Tribute)2019-06-05The Beauty of Black
Poetry (Ironic)2019-06-05Love...Divulged
Poetry 2019-06-05Allusions of You
Poetry (Philosophical)2019-06-05Dubious Intent
Poetry 2019-06-05Tragic Vanity
Poetry (Spiritual)2019-06-05The Horror of Waking
Poetry (Personal)2019-06-05Moving On
Poetry (Tribute)2019-06-05The Essence of Music
Poetry (Love)2019-06-05Definite Denial
Poetry (Fantasy)2019-06-05Phantasmagoria
Poetry (Horror)2019-06-05The Hunt
Poetry (Love)2019-06-05Into the Flame
Poetry (Depressed)2019-06-05Futile Devotion
Poetry (Depressed)2019-06-05Missing Piece
Poetry (Ironic)2019-06-05Suffering Side-Effects
Poetry (Beat)2019-06-05Critical Inducement
Poetry (Reflective)2019-06-05Time Again
Poetry (Abuse)2019-06-06My Nightmare
Poetry (Love)2019-06-06All for the Smile
Poetry (Ironic)2019-06-06A Patient Conclusion
Poetry (Structured)2019-06-06Pillow Talk
Poetry 2019-06-06Balderdash
Poetry (Fantasy)2019-06-06Come Forth
Poetry (Structured)2019-06-06If You Can
Poetry (Love)2019-06-06My Contagion
Poetry (Satire)2019-06-06Patchwork Prince
Poetry (Philosophical)2019-06-06Beyond Recollection
Poetry (Depressed)2019-06-06Trapped in Remembrance
Poetry (Tribute)2019-06-06The World Is Dead
Poetry (Structured)2019-06-06Only Pretend
Poetry (Ironic)2019-06-06In and Out of Love
Poetry (Love)2019-06-06I will, I would for you
Poetry (Tribute)2019-06-06Rick the Man
Poetry (Love)2019-06-06Choked by You
Poetry 2019-06-06All We're Made Of
Poetry 2019-06-11The Shadow
Poetry (Ironic)2019-06-11You were beautiful
Poetry (Love)2019-06-11All I can think of
Poetry (Personal)2019-06-11None Save I
Poetry (Reflective)2019-06-11Putting it all Together
Poetry (Tribute)2019-06-11Poetic Life
Poetry (Reflective)2019-06-11Questions, Questions
Poetry (Personal)2019-06-11Our Love
Poetry (Personal)2019-06-11Never Enough
Poetry (Tribute)2019-06-11There was a man, there was a boy
Poetry (Ironic)2019-06-11A Fraudulent Affair
Poetry (Personal)2019-06-11Broken Butterfly
Poetry (Tribute)2019-06-11The Man Behind the Glass
Poetry (Spiritual)2019-06-11Contaminated
Poetry (Love)2019-06-11Between Sun and Moon
Poetry (Tribute)2019-06-11Let it be Known
Poetry (Structured)2019-06-11Wasting Us
Poetry 2019-06-11And Silence is There
Poetry 2019-06-13Pernicious Behavior
Poetry (Fantasy)2019-06-13Mystic Magic
Poetry (Personal)2019-06-13Reaching for Nothing
Poetry (Reflective)2019-06-13The Interlude
Poetry (Non-Fiction)2019-06-13Wherever I Go
Poetry (Reflective)2019-06-13Some Kind of Difference
Poetry (Ironic)2019-06-13Hopeless Persistence
Poetry (Tribute)2019-06-13Graduating from Yesterday
Poetry (Personal)2019-06-13Those Like You
Poetry (Ironic)2019-06-13Utterly Detached
Poetry (Tribute)2019-06-13Poetic Inclinations
Poetry (Ironic)2019-06-13Wearing Out Your Heart
Poetry (Philosophical)2019-06-13Telling Tales
Poetry (Reflective)2019-06-13A Lamentable Outcome
Poetry (Spiritual)2019-06-13Feeling the Urge
Poetry (Satire)2019-06-13Keeping It Empty
Poetry (Love)2019-06-13Always Never, Never Always
Poetry (Personal)2019-06-13Short Sentiments
Poetry (Depressed)2019-06-13Constant Abandonment
Poetry (Love)2019-06-19In Theory
Poetry (Love)2019-06-19Now and Then Love
Poetry (Personal)2019-06-19Heartbreak Syndrome
Poetry (Personal)2019-06-19A Place Like You
Poetry (Ironic)2019-06-19Perfect for Me
Poetry (Ironic)2019-06-19Happily Hermitic
Poetry (Love)2019-06-19Parallel Association
Poetry 2019-06-19Coloration
Poetry (Love)2019-06-19Impulsive Love
Poetry (Ironic)2019-06-19Steady Imagining
Poetry 2019-06-19One of a Kind
Poetry (Philosophical)2019-06-19Misconception
Poetry (Personal)2019-06-19Onward to Ruin
Poetry (Ironic)2019-06-19Get Lost in Me
Poetry (Reflective)2019-06-19Simply Hollow
Poetry (Ironic)2019-06-19Fooled You Once
Poetry (Personal)2019-06-19Final Resignation
Poetry (Ironic)2019-06-19Entanglement
Poetry (Satire)2019-06-19Well Discerned
Poetry (Love)2019-06-19Always With You
Poetry (Love)2019-06-19A Routine Response
Poetry (Personal)2019-06-20Idealistically Yours
Poetry 2019-06-21Jealous Retribution
Poetry (Personal)2019-06-21Delayed Recognition
Poetry (Love)2019-06-21A Customary Concept
Poetry (Philosophical)2019-06-21Discharge
Poetry (Love)2019-06-21Giving You Everything
Poetry 2019-06-21Devil I Know
Poetry (Structured)2019-06-21The Gentleman's Disease
Poetry (Love)2019-06-21What It Was
Poetry (Philosophical)2019-06-21From Beginning to End
Poetry 2019-06-21Clarification
Poetry (Philosophical)2019-06-21Sometimes
Poetry (Structured)2019-06-21What May Be
Poetry (Personal)2019-06-21Expressed Possession
Poetry (Philosophical)2019-06-21Apathy's Synopsis
Poetry 2019-06-21Sworn Allegiance
Poetry (Spiritual)2019-06-21Beholding Divine
Poetry 2019-06-21Shredded Remorse
Poetry 2019-06-21The Fallen
Poetry (Personal)2019-06-21Processing Reprisal
Poetry (Fantasy)2019-06-21The Problem
Poetry (Spiritual)2019-06-21Working through the Monotony
Poetry (Reflective)2019-06-21Remembering It All
Poetry (Reflective)2019-06-21Seizing Salvation
Poetry (Love)2019-06-21Gaining Clarity
Poetry (Non-Fiction)2019-06-21Ingrained Process
Poetry (Non-Fiction)2019-06-21Goodbye
Poetry (Ironic)2019-06-21Found Guilty
Poetry (Personal)2019-06-21Nothing Like Me
Poetry 2019-06-21Mesmerized
Poetry (Love)2019-06-21This Time
Poetry (Tribute)2019-06-21Frailty of the Weak
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