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My style tends to vary between "dark with positive shading" or "light with negative shading," as that is how I experience the world. However, my conviction that a positive outlook is immediately and ultimately far more empowering than negativity, along with my deep respect for the innate potentials that dwell within people and nature, skews my writing towards the positive end of the spectrum. I also see poetry as a strong distillation of intended meaning, unexpressed emotion, subconscious stirrings, and memory-linked sensory impressions, so I'm unapologetic when it comes to writing "thick, heavy" works with opaque, dreamlike qualities. I feel that an individual's creativity cannot be limited to any single genre, so I post graphic art, electronic music, and whatever other form of expression that fits my whim. Finally, I write and compose for myself over all others, ensuring that whatever I publish I can stand by and that my efforts bring myself gain even if the public dislikes them.
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