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Hello there, call me Riven. Nice to meet ya. Feel free to poke my inbox; I don't bite, much. Reading is one of my favourite hobbies; whether it be books, short stories, or poetry. I love it all, but I do have an obvious preference for the obscene and macabre.

I well appreciate the talents of other writers and the work that they put into their words but when it comes to producing my own literature, I falter. Comparatively, I read much more than what I write. That being said, I highly encourage others to critique my work in hope that I can improve as a writer. Don't be afraid to tell me your honest opinion. Also, if you would like an honest opinion and are able to take criticism, I'll gladly advise.

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Poetry (Reflective)2019-03-21Conflux
Poetry (Structured)2019-03-16Wrong Continent
Poetry (Structured)2019-03-14Afraid
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