Greetings in most somber tones of adulation! After a many year hiatus, I have returned. I shall enjoy this, and live only in the moment, and think not of tomorrow!

Alacer_Cogitatus's Works

Poetry 2006-03-29Peaceful spring Days
Poetry (Comedy)2005-11-09A Pope's Last Drink
Poetry 2005-11-07Ramblings forgotten yet remembered
Poetry 2005-03-06I dreamed a Reality
Poetry 2005-03-03Untitled Two
Poetry 2005-02-08I saw a Sunrise
Poetry 2005-01-16Heartbreak
Poetry 2004-12-15And he smiled
Poetry 2004-12-02ars longa, vita brevis
Poetry 2004-11-17Singalwhop
Poetry 2004-10-15.......Ohm..........
Poetry 2004-10-10Tomorrow's Yesterday
Poetry 2001-11-30Xenophobia (Repost)
Poetry 2001-11-30Empty Chairs At Empty Tables (Repost)
Poetry 2001-11-30Trust Me (Repost)
Poetry 2002-12-01At Last (Repost)
Poetry 2004-09-19Ramblings
Poetry 2004-08-15IV. Suffering Damnation
Poetry 2004-08-15III. Subliminal Suggestions
Poetry 2004-08-08lonliness is hurtful
Poetry 2004-08-02II. Eternal Memories of Joy
Poetry 2004-07-28I. Eternal Memories of Despair
Poetry 2004-07-07Horror Vacui (with anth)
Poetry 2004-07-07Amor est Vitae Essentia
Poetry 2004-06-25Adjunct Realities of Misinformed Delusions
Poetry 2004-06-23Objectification of A Lovers Dreams
Poetry 2004-06-22Love Within
Poetry 2004-06-20The Cruxification of an Apparent Normality
Poetry 2003-09-23Poetic Semblence of Coherent Thoughts
Poetry 2003-09-22Incoherent Ramblings of a Forsaken Lover
Poetry 2004-06-14Black Sunshine
Poetry 2004-06-11Temel Nosce or (The Better Part of Yourself Is You)
Poetry 2004-06-07Deeply Fallen Angel
Poetry 2004-06-04Antiestablismentarianism
Poetry 2004-05-24Merry Murderer's of Innocence
Poetry 2004-05-21Black Rose of Repose
Poetry 2004-05-07Not Alone
Poetry 2004-04-12You
Poetry 2004-04-11Nothing
Poetry 2004-04-02Wind Blown
Poetry 2004-03-29Why
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