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lessons in prophecy

i am vast.
you can look
into this space
and see a
to a sixty
second limit
while i see a
thousand years
throughout this
skin caught in
the deep crags of
bone and dried

i am a temple
to an infinite
sense of shattering

few can know the
truth of this plague.

- slaughter

in place of photographs

and then the black shroud.
for the sounds are distant.
through the journey.
through the journey.
young and so full of the dress , on the fire.
in place
of photographs.
a gift. silver.
a tongue with no teeth.
the bad vomit.
lucky i am unfortunate , to say the least.
quote the grown-box. there is silver.

- jaunty pill

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i am an eighteen year old broke nerve/poet who lives to spill the words of my many voices to the paper like blood from a constant wound.

i am working on my first collection of poetry, which will be due out in the next few years. i live for poetry and very few others.

for more poetry and other forms of writing by me, check this out:

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music i enjoy

charlotte martin, kidney thieves, poe, prick, sarah mclachlan, paula cole, aphex twin, tori amos, hole, cannibal corpse, cradle of filth, today is the day, pig, satyricon, alanis morissette, genitortures, slipknot, jack of jill, orgy, juliana hatfield, jane jenson, janis joplin, pj harvey, fiona apple, bjork, dolly parton, sheep on drugs, christian death, lords of acid, pigface, rammstein, beck, courtney love, radiohead, kristin hersh, yeah yeah yeahs, johnny cash, rasputina, etc.

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films i enjoy

> 21 grams > american beauty > alice in wonderland
> cellular > cold mountain > the door in the floor
> equilibrium > fight club > the forgotten > the grudge
> helter skelter > hero > house of 1000 corpses
> i heart huckabees > the last samurai > mona lisa smile
> open water > requiem for a dream > saw > spun
> the texas chainsaw massacre > white oleander > van helsing, etc.

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poets i enjoy on darkpoetry, not listed in my bookmarks

- BeautifulCalamity

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hey jupiter by tori amos

no one's picking up the phone
guess it's me and me
and this little masochist
she's ready to confess
all the things that i never thought
that she could feel and

hey jupiter
nothings been the same
so are you gay
are you blue
thought we both could use a friend
to run to
and i thought you'd see with me
you wouldn't have to be something new

sometimes i breathe you in
and i know you know
and sometimes you take a swim
found your writing on my wall
if my hearts soaking wet
boy your boots ccan leave a mess

hey jupiter
nothings been the same
so are you gay
are you blue
thought we both could use a friend
to run to
and i thought i wouldn't have to keep
with you

thought i knew myself so well
all the dolls i had
took my leather off the shelf
your apocalypse was fab
for a girl who couldn't choose between
the shower or the bath

and i thought i wouldn't have to be
with you
a magazine

no one's picking up the phone
guess it's clear he's gone
and this little masochist
is lifting up her dress
guess i thought i could never feel
the things i feel
hey jupiter

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long white arms
losing their
strength and form
sixty year man on
twenty year old

skeleton, your
eyes have lost
their warmth

excerpted from
"hush, hush, hush"
by paula cole

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