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I don't write poetry anymore,

Yet, in my studies

I see the aesthetic ideal evermore

So that one day the melodies

Will infinitely flow and implore

A reconciliation of all entities

into a transcendent human core

Metal Lullaby's Works

Poetry (Love)2005-02-13One Nights Dream
Poetry (Love)2005-02-13Two Nights Dream
Poetry (Love)2005-02-13Midnight Thoughts
Poetry (Love)2005-02-14Thy Splinter
Poetry (Love)2005-02-14A Stroll Down the Path
Poetry (Love)2005-02-14Letter of the Wisdom Tree
Poetry (Love)2005-02-16Yesterday
Poetry (Love)2005-02-16Hush
Poetry (Rage)2005-02-28Fallen Taint
Poetry (Love)2005-02-28One Dance
Poetry 2005-03-05Adore
Poetry 2005-03-05Dominion
Poetry 2005-03-05Shimmers
Poetry 2005-03-05One To Hold
Poetry 2005-03-05We are the Purple and Black Flowers
Poetry (Rage)2005-03-05Captive Immortal
Poetry (Rage)2005-03-05The Scream
Poetry (Rage)2005-03-05No Longer
Poetry 2005-03-11Empurple
Poetry 2005-03-11Paradox Is
Poetry 2005-03-11Emerald Ashes
Poetry 2005-03-11Graceful
Poetry 2005-03-11A Door
Poetry 2005-03-11U.S. President
Poetry 2005-07-07An End
Poetry 2005-07-07Just Dust
Poetry 2005-07-09Forever Under
Poetry (Love)2006-08-26Spanish Rose
Poetry (Reflective)2006-08-26Manic Uproar
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