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I care too much.
All the time.

Creative Expression is my only escape.

I write to cope with lots of things; without a mission;
Except to maybe get reprieve from my mania
I have no specific type; okay we all do, our own
My Nana; now my Angel is my teacher of all creative
I write how I feel or what I feel about writing.

You'll learn a lot about me by my work: well my hell: I said before I write to release:
Haven't we all experienced a personal hell...

but can't forget

The good; I have that too.

I've been gone for a while getting myself well. Still not 100% but I'm always working on myself. Look forward to lots of new pieces of works from me.

My writers tag is AmethystAsh: but just call me...

@~} Ash

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Poetry 2017-11-01I am Beautiful and Strong
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