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Somebody once told me that we're born to do more than just earn a paycheck, pay bills, and die. For over 26 years, I never believed that. Less than a year ago, I realized they were right. Life is so much more than took meeting the right kind of person to open my eyes. It doesn't mean life is perfect but sometimes the right people make it worth the ride

..if anybody ever needs me..:


Forgotten Angel's Works

Poetry (Love)2005-12-27His Guardian Angel
Poetry 2005-12-29(Night) wishes
Poetry (Depressed)2006-03-13Raindrops Like Tears
Poetry (Fantasy)2006-06-22With Just A Kiss, Souls Entwine
Poetry (Fantasy)2006-11-28Ice Queen
Poetry (Love)2006-12-10Another Chance (At Being In Love)(w/ Beth)
Poetry (Love)2006-12-24Wings of Angels in Love (w/ Bry)
Poetry 2007-07-10Little Heart
Poetry (Depressed)2007-11-16All She Wanted
Poetry 2010-12-27My Father
Poetry 2011-05-08Still Gone
Poetry 2011-04-02Silently Shatter
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