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I'm just a guy who got fed up with it all and mvoed to Mexico. That was 20 years ago and I have never regretted it. I write for a living and would not recommend it for anyone. I have two Schnauzers, Oliver and Olivia who have been with me for nearly 12 years now. I write poetry as a hobby and hope some of you will visit my work and maybe enjoy it.

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Poetry 0000-00-00MOODS
Poetry 0000-00-00WALKING
Poetry (Love)0000-00-00AT THE WINDOW
Poetry (Love)0000-00-00SITTING BESIDE THE RIVER PO
Poetry (Love)0000-00-00NIGHT WANDERINGS
Poetry (Love)0000-00-00THE SEASONS OF US
Poetry (Love)0000-00-00IT HAS COME TO THIS
Poetry 0000-00-00OF LESSER THINGS
Poetry 0000-00-00WHAT THEN?
Poetry 0000-00-00THE ENDLESS SEARCH
Poetry 0000-00-00A NIGHT IN PORTUGAL
Poetry 0000-00-00THE FLAT
Poetry 0000-00-00RAIN THOUGHTS
Poetry 0000-00-00HOW WE WERE
Poetry 0000-00-00THAT MOMENT
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