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My name is Tyler Dodge, and I am an aspiring author, an amateur (metal) vocalist, and gamer. I am 26 years old, and recently started my first semester of college, 8 years after I graduated from high school. I have so far avoided enrolling in college for fear of politics being slipped into what is supposed to be an unbiased education, as is often the norm in this day and age. I finally decided to do it anyways, because I want to learn as much as I can, and there is only so much one can teach himself, with limited resources.

The lyrics I write aren't pretty, nor is my poetry. I don't try to write flowery verses, and inject sunshine into my poems. I am not that kind of writer, and so that is why I have chosen this site as the platform to which I publish my minor works. I have a lot more projects than what you might see here, but they are also a lot larger and thus they are being kept secret until they are ready to be published.

I take inspiration from J.R.R. Tolkien, Robert Jordan, Christopher Paolini, and many more fantasy authors. I am quite fond of Warhammer fantasy for the bleak and grim world it takes place in, but also enjoy the much more Celtic inspired world of Middle Earth. I enjoy nearly anything Celtic, really, as that is my heritage. I can trace my ancestry back to the Britons, Gauls, and the Saxons of old. Irishmen and Scots. Gaels, and Britons. I even have a wee bit of Scandinavian in me, with traces of dutch, danish, and Norwegian peoples in odd branches on my family tree. I take pride in my heritage, and am inspired by it.

Music is a major part of my life. It has actually saved my life on occasion, when dark, insipid dreams of my own death seeped into every facet of my daily life. I had even attempted my own suicide once, but failed, as I didn't swallow enough of my prescription medication, and woke up to see the next morning. My Lyrics, Forsaken, which have been published here, was intended to be my suicide letter. I keep it with me to remind myself of what a foolish mistake I nearly made, and to never attempt it again. Ever since, music has been a major factor in keeping me sane, and anchored to this life. Metal music in particular, has managed to ignite my passion, and convinced me to stick around a while longer.

The Talking Wolf-Cat's Works

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