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I'm the King of Yesterday.

I've actually become able to edit my own writing as of late. I've been inspired by so many people on this site, it is unreal. I read my own things, and I can actually see the changes...I've been writing in a more cryptic sort of fashion lately, as well. My poems have taken on such a new shape...It's truly amazing to me. Please feel free to comment on my work....Rip it apart if you feel the need....I want to keep improving, learning, and being inspired by all of you.

I'm up to chatting with anyone here on DP; just don't be disappointed if I'm not as intelligent as you assumed. *wink*
AIM - Zara Synn
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I am always looking for any comments that may help me to grow as a writer.


I am in love with every word Anth has posted on DP. 99% of you have probably read his things....The other 1% really needs to click that....


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