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Quote I love:
"If you should die before me, ask if you can bring a friend." STP

Has anyone ever wondered if maybe you're in a coma and your entire life has been nothing but a coma dream? And then one day you'll wake up and all the people you know don't exist and everything you've learned in life is wrong?

Color Inversion Theory:
What I see as purple, you may see the same color as what I call yellow. You just call it purple because you've been taught to call it purple your whole life.

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Poetry 2004-08-03Fade Away
Poetry 2004-08-03Masterpiece
Poetry 2004-08-03Catch Twenty-Two
Poetry 2004-08-04Crimson Feelings
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Poetry 2004-08-05The Overdose (Journey to Hell) revised
Poetry 2004-08-05This Morning I Stepped in a Pile of Poo
Poetry 2004-08-06Just a Dream
Poetry 2004-08-09Whenever I am Gone
Poetry 2004-08-09Miserable Victory
Poetry 2004-08-10Assonance
Poetry 2004-08-10No Reason
Poetry 2004-08-10Girl in the Box
Poetry 2004-08-10Three Months
Poetry 2004-08-10Surely
Poetry 2004-08-10Rollercoaster
Poetry 2004-08-10War
Poetry 2004-08-10Murder my Fire
Poetry 2004-08-11Anorex
Poetry 2004-08-11musings
Poetry 2005-03-28cucumbers
Poetry 2005-03-30~Oyster~
Poetry 2005-03-31Shake Me
Poetry 2005-04-15Ode to a Therapist
Poetry 2005-04-18Senses
Poetry 2005-04-20The Melody
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