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I am just somone who loves to write... mesmerized by the darkness of the human mind...

~my thoughts are stained with that blood....
....my dreams are born from those wounds...~

~bruised and raw
the crippled pleads,
fill your cup-
the angel bleeds...~

~i have enough evil in me - to make the devil feel ashamed..~ Zhee

~in the cradle of fractured beliefs - dreams are slaughtered before they're born...~ Zhee

Zhee's Works

Poetry (Philosophical)2012-09-18BROKEN
Poetry (Reflective)2007-11-04~my song has lost its words...~
Poetry (Reflective)2007-10-10THE BENEVOLENT TORMENTOR
Poetry (Reflective)2007-09-22BARREN HANDS
Poetry (Reflective)2007-09-13Lost .....
Poetry 2004-11-28~* Mutated Mirages And Slivered Reflections*~ (for Anth)
Poetry 2004-11-20*~Disintegration In Purple Dreams~*
Poetry 2004-11-12*~What Hides Behind Psychotic Eyes~*
Poetry 2004-11-01*~The Phoenix That Never Arose From Its Ashes~*
Poetry 2004-10-30*~Soulless Gratitude~*
Poetry 2004-10-26~Catatonic Reality~
Other 2004-10-21~An Imbecile's First Lesson In Cutting~
Short Story 2004-10-18THE DEATH OF HOPE(for meatgrinderman)
Poetry 2004-10-15~WHIRLPOOL OF MADNESS~
Poetry 2004-10-12~Consorting With Madness~
Poetry 2004-10-11FIREWATER
Poetry 2004-10-08The Great Defeat....
Poetry 2004-10-05Closed Doors Of Perception
Poetry 2004-10-02Vermilion Carpet, Crimson Shroud
Poetry 2004-10-01Morphed Dreams In The Heart Of Hallucination….
Poetry 2004-09-30Navigating The Dark Waters Of The Unconscious
Poetry 2004-09-29Fractured Faith
Poetry 2004-09-27putting humpty dumpty together again! (for MEATGRINDERMAN)
Poetry 2004-09-24Seeking A Lost World In Pinpoint Pupils…
Poetry 2004-09-23The Pain That Never Dies...
Poetry 2004-09-23~INDENTURED~
Poetry 2004-09-22TOXIC!!!!
Poetry 2004-09-21So..You Killed Yourself...
Poetry 2004-09-21Carnage Of The Strings
Poetry 2004-09-20CUT!CUT!CUT! (for mysticventures)
Poetry 2004-09-17Murder In The First Degree
Poetry 2004-09-17THERAPY!
Poetry 2004-09-16The Answer (To Elective Subjugation)
Poetry 2004-09-15Elective Subjugation (Why Don't You SEE??!!)
Poetry 2004-09-14DARKNESS...
Poetry 2004-09-13OD
Poetry 2004-09-12BLEEDING WORDS
Poetry 2004-09-09Blighted Within
Poetry 2004-09-08LEWY BODY DISEASE
Poetry 2004-09-07THE SILENCE...
Poetry 2004-09-01Desert In My Eyes...
Poetry 2004-08-30The Altar
Poetry 2004-08-29The Mask of Sanity
Poetry 2004-08-23Make Me Believe!
Poetry 2004-08-14FILTH
Poetry 2004-08-07Lost Faces
Poetry 2004-08-05The Metal Box
Poetry 2004-08-03Ramblings Of The Psychotic Mind
Poetry 2004-08-02Atrophy
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