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Poetry 2002-07-08Satisfaction
Poetry 2002-03-05Cyclic
Poetry 2002-01-20Union
Poetry 2001-09-10Worship Me
Poetry 2001-10-20Untitled #3
Poetry 2001-10-18Untitled #2
Poetry 2001-10-18Untitled #1
Poetry 2000-10-22Enigma
Poetry 2001-02-15So
Poetry 2001-02-15Sharp
Poetry 2001-03-10Pure
Poetry 2001-03-12Exceptional
Poetry 2001-03-27A Free Preview
Poetry 2001-08-07Definition
Poetry 2001-09-19San Antonio, TX
Poetry 2001-11-15Strange
Poetry 2001-11-24Spelling Lesson
Poetry 2002-07-27Strangest of Light
Poetry 2002-07-27Untitled
Poetry 2002-07-28Eraser Marks
Poetry 2002-07-28Old School
Poetry 2002-08-16A Blue Party
Poetry 2003-02-04Slip-Stream
Poetry 2003-02-04Journey
Poetry 2003-02-04Untitled #4
Poetry 2003-05-01Hungry
Poetry 2003-06-02Arriving
Poetry 2003-06-02Fucking California.
Poetry 2003-07-08In Progress
Poetry 2003-07-08Ghost
Poetry 2003-07-08Speed
Poetry 2003-08-185 AM Thoughts
Poetry 2003-08-27Take-Backs
Poetry 2003-09-03Live
Poetry 2003-12-04Against the Direction
Poetry 2003-12-04Strenuous Labyrinth
Poetry 2003-12-04Introduction
Poetry 2003-12-23Untitled (You Choose)
Poetry 2004-04-06Tickling Ivories
Poetry 2004-06-27This Is Me
Poetry 2005-12-02Reveal
Poetry 2006-04-24So Hard
Poetry 2007-02-20Louisiana Loser
Poetry 2007-04-11Respect Few
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