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prepare for the light at the end of the tunnel! All you have to do is keep going! There's no death more important in this life than that of self pity and doubt. Embrace the unknown and dare yourself to reach for the purest form of love you can gift to yourself. Then it begins and explodes for all to be bathed in its splendor! Who cares if life sucks for a little while. move on! it's your faith that removes the obstacles, releasing you from the traps of your debilitating beliefs, rips the anal peneal a new eye to transcend the 3rd eye and 4th eye and into the frenzied silliness needed to laugh from 5th eye fish lens perspective has to offer. Still see pain the same? What happened to clarity? This is the hole to help you feel whole when the tole of ignorance is paid and laid before you are made the yellow brick wall of which you must climb over, crawl under or wait for nothing more than your strength to waken up the pretty monsters from underneath the sheets that keep unfolding what seems to be the final adventure, but is in fact just another of the infinite layers that lie within. So give in to your dream and love and question not how it will come, just draw the line and cross it

sixsixnine's Works

Poetry 2004-04-20iNvIsbLe DoOm
Poetry 2004-05-11father fucker (this is my revenge)
Poetry 0000-00-00sadmadness
Poetry 2004-05-12me & you
Poetry 2004-05-14Heaven's in Hell
Poetry 2004-05-19truth revealed
Poetry 2004-06-02Electric Fiction feat. Disturbing Scream
Poetry 2004-06-16who cares
Poetry 2004-06-24one in three
Poetry 2004-07-19flor Negra
Poetry 2004-07-21before the end
Poetry 2004-07-22Revalation
Poetry 2004-08-06eclipse
Poetry 2004-08-09worm
Poetry 2006-06-29leak
Poetry 2006-07-24The gathering
Poetry 2006-12-26no way around
Poetry 2008-08-19Give In
Poetry 2008-08-21mixing dimensions
Poetry 2008-09-15saturday morning
Poetry (Personal)2009-01-13The Watcher
Poetry 2009-04-02#2
Poetry 2009-05-14Air
Poetry 2012-03-10Out of hiding
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