I’m tired of Earth, all these people...
I’m tired of being caught in the tangle of thier lives...

Lexicon's Works

Other 2004-04-08 “The Resistance”
Poetry 2004-04-08Apathy
Poetry 2004-04-08Monotonous Rigmarole
Poetry 2004-04-08Rebirth
Rant 2004-04-08Lexicon: Empress of the United Prosti-Nations
Rant 2004-04-08Amelioration
Rant 2004-04-08FUCK THAT!
Poetry 2004-04-08“Unkown”
Short Story 2004-04-08Corin Madison
Rant 2004-04-10You dont want to read this, (just 'cause I said that, you will)
Other 2004-06-01Jennifer
Poetry 2004-06-03Untitled
Poetry 2004-06-06The Evocation Part I
Poetry 2004-06-09Locker Room Whispers
Poetry 2004-06-18Warning
Poetry 2004-06-23Chrisopher, Please
Poetry 2004-06-25Ra
Poetry 2004-07-01Just one quick one.
Poetry 2004-07-02Fiend or Foe
Poetry 2004-07-05For the Holidays
Poetry 2004-07-06Surrender
Poetry 2004-07-06Sincerity
Poetry 2004-07-07Once Beautiful
Poetry 2004-07-087:26 am July 7,2004
Poetry 2004-07-09The Man in the Mirror
Other 2004-07-12Qoutes of Crazed Comrads with Bandaided Hearts
Poetry 2004-07-14Just Me
Poetry 2004-07-26The Morning After
Poetry 2004-07-26Unfolding
Poetry 2004-08-26Is This It
Poetry 2004-09-13Blameless Pilot
Poetry 2004-09-20Dangerous Girls
Other 2004-09-30Pictures of Said Lexicon: Empress of the United Prosti-Nations
Poetry 2004-10-11 Monday
Poetry 2004-11-19November 13, 2004
Poetry 2004-12-07Poem
Other 2004-12-21Pictures of Said Lexicon: Enfiltrating a Commoner
Poetry 2004-12-23Update
Other 2005-01-04Qoutes of Crazed Comrads II: The Madness Ensues!
Poetry 2005-01-04Never Good Enough
Poetry 2005-01-10Truth or Dare
Poetry 2005-01-10My Storm
Other 2005-01-20Pictures of Said Lexicon: New Years
Poetry 2005-02-16The Love of a Man
Poetry 2005-02-19You Might Identify
Poetry 2005-05-25Vice
Poetry 2005-05-27"Friends"
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