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I write what I am feeling at the moment. The best way to describe it would be a journal entry of emotions in poem form.

SilencedAngel's Works

Poetry 2009-12-02The Tour
Poetry 2004-08-09One More Chance Part Two
Lyrics 2004-07-24To Be Named
Poetry 2004-06-23One More Chance
Poetry 2004-06-12Tiny Footprints
Poetry 2004-06-12To Each Their Own
Poetry 2004-06-12No Matter
Poetry 2004-06-12Just Watch
Poetry 2004-04-19When Evil Kitties Attack
Poetry 2004-04-11The Canvas
Poetry 2004-04-11in my head
Poetry 2004-04-05I'm Gone
Poetry 2004-04-05Caged
Poetry 2004-04-03Pretending
Poetry 2004-04-03That's Me
Poetry 2004-04-03Your Not Welcome
Poetry 2004-04-03My Two Loves
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