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this is me the thoughts i think the things floating in my head

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Poetry 2004-03-29confused
Poetry 2004-06-19Tattered Rose
Poetry (Rage)2004-06-19Bad Day
Poetry 2004-06-19Mindless Thoughts
Poetry 2004-06-19The Bullshit Of Today
Poetry (Rage)2004-06-19I Dont Care
Poetry 2004-06-23Lying Awake
Poetry 2004-06-25i dont love you
Poetry 2004-06-26I've Forgotten
Poetry 2004-07-01Metallasmack
Poetry 2004-07-03to my best friend
Poetry 2004-07-06the lock
Poetry 2004-07-12My Toy Box...
Poetry 2005-08-13My Shooting Star
Poetry 2005-08-22NoMore
Poetry (Personal)2006-10-23untitled
Poetry 2011-03-30Living Life
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