Mistress Morbid

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Just a whisper in the wind

Mistress Morbid's Works

Poetry 2004-10-04?//ysteries?
Poetry 2004-09-13Tragedy Cries
Poetry 2004-09-05Eternal Aphrodisia (come away with me)
Poetry 2004-08-30Forgive me
Poetry 2004-07-30Tattered Hope in a Cracked Sky
Poetry 2004-07-22Parched Flame (Feat. Solace)
Poetry 2004-07-05Lost in a world of sociables
Poetry 2004-07-05Hostility
Poetry 2004-06-24Moonlit Torrent (Feat. Twilight)
Poetry 2004-05-30Anguish Rain
Poetry 2004-05-24Endeavor (A wish)
Poetry 2004-05-23Perplexify my sanity
Poetry 2004-05-20Deep Six Elated
Poetry 2004-05-20Monotonous Cycle
Poetry 2004-05-19Help Denied
Poetry 2004-05-16And the night lives on
Poetry 2004-05-13Blue Eyed Porcelain
Poetry 2004-04-28Cornfield Effect
Poetry 2004-04-21Ashy existence of a poor man
Poetry 2004-04-15The Gates of Kismet (Urchin Expiry)
Poetry 2004-04-14Just Behind the Sun (Blackened Shades of Grey)
Poetry 2004-04-08Alas
Poetry 2004-04-06Ounce Of Pain
Poetry 2004-04-06Detrimental Child
Poetry 2004-04-02Body Rot
Poetry 2004-04-01Let the Journey Begin
Poetry 2004-03-29Today Is The Day
Poetry 2004-03-28Pierce My Soul
Poetry 2004-03-28As The Curtains Close (Slaughter House)
Poetry 2004-03-26DP's Insecurities
Poetry 2004-03-23The battle within me
Poetry 2004-03-20The reflection in the water
Poetry 2004-03-19Nothing
Poetry 2004-03-17 *
Poetry 2004-03-17I don't care anymore
Poetry 2004-03-09Princess of Drudge
Poetry 2004-03-09Sleeping Beauty
Poetry 2004-03-09Antique Fancy
Poetry 2004-03-09Corrupted Intellect
Poetry 2004-03-06Flow
Poetry 2004-03-06I bid you adieu
Poetry 2004-03-06There can only be one
Poetry 2004-03-06Tranquil Skys
Poetry 2004-03-05Pyromaniac
Poetry 2004-03-04Satan's Wonderful Depart
Poetry 2004-03-04Deathtrap - Highway 50
Poetry 2004-02-23Blinded
Poetry 2004-02-22Goodbye
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