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"Nothing stands still. Things are either growing or decaying, that's all I learned in Biology. Things are either going in one direction, or in another, that's all i learned in physics. People are either pushing to the left or to the right, that's all i learned in History. The only thing i learned in school is that nothing stands stil, and when something stops growing, it starts getting smaller. If the revolution is done growing, it has collapsed. And this is my revolution, and it is not going to collapse until i'm finished with it."-The Butterfly Revolution

"This is your life, and it's ending one minute at a time"- Fight Club

"Our Father, who art in a penthouse sits in his 37th floor. He allows me to stand and solicite graffiti. Yes, ask me. Go ahead. Ask me. Ask me if I care, I've got the answer here, i wrote it down somewhere; i just gotta find it. It's not fate; it's just circumstance, i don't fool myself with romance. I just live phone number to phone number dusting up against my thighs. And I rub my eyes wishing i could cry more and care less, yes. its true; i was trying to love someone again but i was caught caring, bearing weight. Everybody that takes the elevator down better put more than change in our cup, or else we...are coming...up."
-Ani D.
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