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I'm newly returned to DP after a three year absence. I have been busy with my two children, but now is a point in my life where my muse has returned just long enough to help me vent my frustrations about the World as we currently know it.

I am still a very spiritual person, but you will find that much of my newest works have to do more with a political/sociological part of my soul -- as a parent, it is painfully clear that it is now up to ME to change the world how it is, so that my children are given a fair chance to reach adulthood safely and thrive in their own right. If I ever say something to offend you, well... unless you are part of Big Business/Big Pharma/Big Agro/the Federal Gov't/the international banking cartel/other similar Big Business supported industries, then I'm sorry to have hurt your feelings. These Big Business types can KMA though.

About me --- I am a mother, a sister, a wife to a good hardworking man, a fighter, an activist. I am pro-guns for protection, pro-choice, pro-getting back to living on the land.

My dream is to find a piece of rural property somewhere, build a solar/wind powered cabin, learn to live completely self sufficiently, and then slowly begin to move my most trusted friends and family onto the property with me. This is the way I can foresee we must return to, in order to survive into the dawn of the Age of Aquarius. We must learn to think and speak with our hands and our backs, as our forefathers and mothers once did. If you are interested in joining me, let me know... we'll see if we can pencil you in ;D

And [just because I don't have anywhere else to store these at the moment] a list of documentaries:

William Gazecki's "Future" (documentary of Jacque Fresco)

Zeitgeist: Addendum

The Money Masters

Run From The Cure (curing cancer)

The Beautiful Truth (Gersen theory - diet cures cancer, diabetes, tuberculosis, other debilitating diseases)

LoneWolf's Works

Poetry (Philosophical)2001-11-00Between the Lines
Poetry (Depressed)2004-02-04Just in Case
Poetry (Reflective)2004-02-06I Want To Know
Poetry (Rage)2004-02-11For a Sister's Honor
Poetry (Philosophical)2004-02-11Starving Artist
Poetry (Tribute)2004-02-13A happy Valentine
Poetry (Tribute)2004-02-14Through Tori's Eyes
Graphic Art (Spiritual)2004-02-15A Witch's Cauldron
Graphic Art (Reflective)2004-02-26A lonely tree
Rant ()2004-02-26A pagan thought (or two)
Poetry (Fantasy)2004-03-08Night Vision
Poetry (Love)2004-03-08Delve into Winter [for Steven]
Poetry (Spiritual)2004-03-09Lilith
Poetry (Spiritual)2004-03-11Kali
Poetry (Love)2004-04-06Without My Strength
Poetry (Tribute)2004-04-18The bay's lonely fish
Poetry (Reflective)2004-05-04Who Am I
Short Story (Comedy)2004-05-04Wondering where my mind hath gone
Poetry (Rage)2004-05-18Letter for a Wolf Killer
Poetry (Philosophical)2004-05-28At the end of the Opera
Poetry (Fantasy)2004-05-31Song of the Siren
Poetry (Philosophical)2009-03-23Almost Past
Poetry (Abuse)2009-03-25Broken Toys, Useless Dreams
Poetry (Rage)2009-04-06Raging the Cosmos
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