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There are a few on the site I do have to mention:

Darun, our local stalker and ax man, what would dp be without this crazy bastard around?

Tara, ah the beautiful Tara, a gifted poet and quite the beauty. She has claimed me as her 'Erotica' I think I like that title

Kya, another beauty of the poet world. She's also very gifted and very kind and loving

Expect more to be added

@02:34:48Six-Out said
they either didn't answer, or i didn't call.

@02:38:50suicideseason said
i taste good.
@02:38:26suicideseason said
i'm unhealthy but you don't care.
@02:38:07suicideseason said
who wants to suck me down?
@02:37:48suicideseason said
if life were a fast food chain,i would be a milkshake.

@02:44:38suicideseason said
was...for christ's sake.
@02:44:25suicideseason said
and Six had a head and it as good

Oh yea, if anyone is interested in contacting me:
AIM: BloodRoseWolf
Phone: (618)-323-9841

Angst Queen's Works

Poetry (Rage)2004-01-31Untitled
Other (Rage)2004-01-31Rage
Poetry (Horror)2004-02-06Pysco Killer
Poetry (Depressed)2004-02-06Pain
Poetry (Rage)2004-02-06Inside of Me
Poetry (Depressed)2004-03-13Sent Into The Fire
Other (Rage)2004-10-08Rantings of a Killer
Graphic Art 2004-11-10Yea me as seen by Daemonicus on the web cam
Other (Love)2004-11-11I Was Hurt Today
Other (Tribute)2004-11-11You Are The One (tribute to Daemonicus)
Poetry 2005-02-23 Vincent's Prophecy
Other (Tribute)2005-02-24Eternal Goddess
Other (Love)2005-04-15Beautiful When You Cried
Other (Tribute)2005-04-18Angel of Compassion (For Kya)
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