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I was born in the Outer plane called Nine Hells of Baator, a sinister, evil and cruel plane. A portal connects it with the realms of doom and despair. I used to be the god of Tyranny (ruling one is the godly layers), but Asmodeus took my place. He is going to pay soon enough for this insolence

I am sempiternity, and the continuity of time's circularity. I seclude the uniform matter; the absolute unity. To everything, and from me everything, and in me everything

Nowadays, lost in my thoughts, I reside within the walls of my imaginary world where I sought sanctuary from this repugnant world; trying to make it through the pain. Feeling bewildered; confused; a little like a child: a child who’s trying to hold to his dreams —hold to them like holding a kite that could take him far away from this planet—; a child who’s dreaming of travelling with his kite to a place where no tears fall: a place whose residents do not know the meaning of the words “sorrow”, or “suffering”; a place where I could find joy, if I ever decided to leave the safety of my imaginary world.

As odd as it may seem (an antisocial/a-social being socializing), from time to time I enjoy conversing with interesting people. Will you dare to enter the place hidden in the depths of my mind, my sanctuary in solitude? It is a dark, gloomy place where music never ceases; where the moon never sets — never gives its place to the sun; where —under the dim light of dying stars; with a glass of wine in hand— untold stories are about to unfold before your wondering eyes.
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Poetry (Reflective)2013-04-28Made-up Balloon
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Poetry 2018-12-25Purity of Anger
Other 2018-12-25The Mystery of the Hellenic Alphabet
Other (Spiritual)2018-12-29Invocation to Lilith
Poetry (Depressed)2018-12-30Coffin Shaped Room
Poetry (Love)2019-05-25Donating Love
Poetry (Love)2019-05-25Everything I Needed
Poetry (Tribute)2019-06-28The Nameless One
Poetry (Love)2019-06-30Fateless
Poetry (Philosophical)2019-06-30The Abyss
Poetry (Spiritual)2019-07-10My Name is X / ​"32^ΧΞ(F)ς^33"
Rant (Reflective)2019-07-10Ordo Ab Chao & the Pseudo-Gnostic "Terrorist"
Poetry (Horror)2019-08-08Sanctus Spiritus Diavolos
Poetry (Love)2019-08-09"Sinister Wine"
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