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O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay! I'm but a lowly instrument to the muses. A Sorrowful Jester that came here to entertain you, or a Heinous Jester with malevolent intentions? Introduce yourselves and decide. Anata no onomae nan desu ka (あなた の おのまえ なん です か)?
Let's meet some new people, and converse with them; whether be it pep-talk, or philosophical matters. Will you dare join us in OUR fortress of solitude –hidden in the shadow created by the veil woven by the likes of Edgar Allan Poe, and William Blake? It is a dark, gloomy, yet colorful place where the music never seizes to play, and I, your host, am waiting with a glass of wine in hand ready to tell you wondrous stories about real-life beasts, and beauties; about women dressed in red capes with wolf-like sharp teeth and so on.
Russel’s / Godel’s math theorems essentially proved that if we are part of this world, then we will never be able to fully comprehend everything about our world because the world is bigger than us. We could, of course, learn more and more about our world though. Although if we consider that the world is a part of us, then another problem arises: we could never fully understand ourselves, since we would be discovering more and more worlds forever. In any case, we cannot understand “everything” whether we define it as the “world”, or as the “universal self”, thusly the best thing we can do to get as close as we can get to know ourselves would be getting to know as many people as possible.

I was born in the Outer plane called Nine Hells of Baator, a sinister, evil and cruel plane. A portal connects it with the realms of doom and despair. I used to be the god of Tyranny (ruling one is the godly layers), but Asmodeus took my place. He is going to pay soon enough for this insolence

I am sempiternity and the continuity of time's circularity. I seclude the uniform matter; the absolute unity. To everything, and from me everything, and in me everything

Nowadays, lost in my thoughts, I reside within the walls of my imaginary world where I sought sanctuary from this repugnant world; trying to make it through the pain. Feeling bewildered; confused; a little like a child: a child who’s trying to hold to his dreams —hold to them like holding a kite that could take him far away from this planet—; a child who’s dreaming of travelling with his kite to a place where no tears fall: a place whose residents do not know the meaning of the words “sorrow”, or “suffering”; a place where I could find joy, if I ever decided to leave the safety of my imaginary world.

As odd as it may seem (an antisocial/a-social being socializing), from time to time I enjoy conversing with interesting people. Will you dare to enter the place hidden in the depths of my mind, my sanctuary in solitude? It is a dark, gloomy place where music never ceases; where the moon never sets — never gives its place to the sun; where —under the dim light of dying stars; with a glass of wine in hand— untold stories are about to unfold before your wondering eyes.
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