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Poetry 2009-05-25cig. logic diaries #6 scarecrows vengence
Poetry 2009-05-01discourse with a collector of the dead (w/collecting cadavers?
Poetry 2009-04-06you can sleep when youre dead
Poetry 2009-04-02sequestered frailty
Other (Reflective)2009-03-02reach
Poetry 2009-03-01obscure series notch # 3: a random thought
Poetry 2009-02-25there is nothing new here
Poetry 2009-02-19heathens lullaby
Poetry 2009-02-13S(ex) & nymphromANTICS
Poetry 2009-02-12obscure series notch #2 where has my halloween got too?
Poetry 2008-04-11enough of your problems ive got enough of my own
Poetry 2008-03-18obscure series notch 1
Poetry 2008-03-04ok then...................
Poetry 2008-02-27hell-o motha
Poetry 2008-02-24'All That's Left is the Title' due mostly to Alanarchy's genius
Poetry 2008-02-22moan stoned and page drunk over tones
Poetry 2008-02-17something rampant
Poetry 2008-02-17i cant call myself a poet...how do you
Poetry 2008-02-16(s)laughter
Poetry 2007-12-17virus
Poetry 2007-11-28drifting in the rain
Poetry 2007-11-08i hate you (cheater)
Poetry 2007-11-08nan desu ka
Poetry 2007-09-21is it over
Poetry 2007-06-05crumbling patience and a burning desire to start shit
Poetry 2007-05-25Dr Spinsters resignation
Poetry 2007-04-2680percent of feeling
Poetry 2007-03-23Risen
Poetry 2007-03-22....but what do i know
Poetry 2007-03-03im dying to live
Poetry 2007-02-21hearticide
Poetry 2007-02-16the press
Poetry 2007-01-23"my design is a mixture of descent and decay..."
Poetry 2007-01-12always and never
Poetry 2006-12-15magdelene and the libertine ver.1
Poetry 2006-12-14you recoiled from me
Poetry 2006-12-13when oblivion fucks a whisper (go back to sleep)
Poetry 2006-12-08matchlight lamentations
Poetry 2006-12-07something to chew on
Poetry 2006-12-07glass of whine
Poetry 2006-12-07strange Ash
Poetry 2006-11-26why does this feel like forever
Poetry 2006-11-12intro to build up 101
Poetry 2006-11-12mind something-or-other
Poetry 2006-09-20Veritas
Poetry 2006-09-20Cig Logic #5 sub cat. Intoxicationed Cont...
Poetry 2006-09-20Cig Logic #5 sub cat. Intoxicationed
Poetry 2006-08-14gin and a bathroom floor
Poetry 2006-08-14forest of silence
Poetry 2006-07-31the glass breaks within earshot
Poetry 2006-07-30falling silent
Poetry 2006-06-24reality take me
Poetry 2006-06-10a letter interred
Poetry 2006-06-10go on
Poetry 2006-06-10epitaph in R.E.M.
Poetry 2006-05-19just walk the other way
Poetry 2006-05-14night of numb
Poetry 2006-05-14mistake
Poetry 2006-05-07deeper
Poetry 2006-04-28the spirit sings
Poetry 2006-04-12embrace the bomb
Poetry 2006-04-12cig logic diary #4
Poetry 2006-03-27cigarette logic diaries # 3
Poetry 2006-03-26Muse of the actress
Poetry 2006-03-13puzzle piece frustration
Poetry 2006-03-13bastion of the reject
Poetry 2006-03-05language of rage
Poetry 2006-02-27cuz of karma
Poetry 2006-02-27in time ((the flight of ashes)) w/wonderlandhysteria
Poetry 2006-02-24self-imposed
Poetry 2006-02-24"Chirp" motherfucker
Poetry 2006-02-20touch my face
Poetry (Personal)2006-02-17this moment in time
Poetry (Tribute)2006-02-17from the shadow within
Poetry (Depressed)2006-02-17unseen
Poetry (Reflective)2006-02-15walk with me
Poetry (Beat)2006-02-12goodnight reality
Poetry (Beat)2006-02-10the sound of footsteps
Poetry 2006-02-09crowned
Poetry (Spiritual)2006-02-06spell of revealing
Poetry (Love)2006-02-03the edge of slumber
Poetry (Love)2006-02-03more than waiting
Poetry (Spiritual)2006-01-29travelers words
Poetry (Rage)2006-01-27grins
Poetry (Beat)2006-01-27is this for you, or against you
Poetry (Reflective)2006-01-27keep sorting the stones
Poetry (Tribute)2006-01-21forgotten
Poetry (Ironic)2006-01-20tantrum
Poetry (Personal)2006-01-20under the obsidian sky (repost)
Poetry (Personal)2006-01-20king of roses (reposted)
Poetry (Beat)2006-01-19Anesthetized
Poetry (Ironic)2006-01-19after the doorbell rings
Poetry (Personal)2006-01-18caverns of thought
Poetry (Rage)2006-01-18broken thought chimes
Poetry (Reflective)2006-01-17radial experience
Poetry (Rage)2006-01-17inside the walls
Poetry (Tribute)2006-01-17the returning
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