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Feeling so much older than when I was here the first time so many years ago... hoping to catch up with some old friends.

flying_fox's Works

Poetry 2004-01-18Shutdown
Poetry 2004-01-18Baited
Poetry 2004-01-18Disenchanted
Lyrics 2004-01-18Ode to cab sav
Other 2004-01-23Access denied
Poetry 2004-01-23Imprinted
Poetry 2004-01-23the one thing
Poetry 2004-02-09Let Them Kick Dirt
Poetry 2004-02-20Manslave
Poetry 2004-02-24For Dan
Poetry 2004-03-15Red All Over
Poetry 2004-05-25A forest in slumber
Poetry 2005-01-20Inner Struggle with Outer Beings
Graphic Art 2005-02-27Senor Beans and the Toilet Paper Fiasco
Graphic Art 2005-03-04Beanie in a Bucket
Poetry (Reflective)2005-07-31Sugared Words
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