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This body holding me reminds me of my own mortality.
Embrace this moment. Remember. we are eternal.
all this pain is an illusion.

Fourknaz's Works

Poetry 2000-06-30Induced
Poetry 2002-06-17Sticky Hollow Sins
Poetry 2001-03-16Plastique
Poetry 2001-01-11Bloodletting
Poetry 2001-01-09Owtcast
Poetry 2000-12-24Temperance
Poetry 2001-09-10Born Again
Poetry 2000-05-25Melancholia
Poetry 2000-02-14Pent Up and Volatile
Poetry 2000-02-14Sustaining the Hurt
Poetry 2000-02-14Ignorance
Poetry 2000-02-14Concubine
Poetry 2000-02-15Dorothy
Poetry 2000-02-15Limited Quarters
Poetry 2000-02-15She's MY Cocaine
Poetry 2000-02-15Life Ain't Beautiful
Poetry 2000-06-20Fighting Beneath
Poetry 2000-02-29Innocence Faded
Short Story 2000-03-01She Built Her Ship Up North
Poetry 2000-04-17The Roundabout
Poetry 2000-06-05When
Poetry 2000-07-31Brand New Day
Poetry 2000-07-21Good Morning
Poetry 2000-08-03PanDEMONium
Poetry 2000-10-15Human Placenta
Poetry 2001-02-06Softly Speaking
Poetry 2001-08-28Catharsis of Balance
Poetry 2002-06-17A Maiden's Blessing
Poetry 2002-02-11This Mortal Coil
Poetry 2008-06-10Random Poetic Rants From a Dark Moor
Poetry (Spiritual)2009-09-12Rigour MOREtis
Poetry (Spiritual)2013-12-14Winter Damnation
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