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If ignorance is bliss why aren't there more happy people?

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Poetry 2002-05-12I Wish, I'll Be
Poetry 2002-07-10The Problem With Men and Women
Poetry 2002-07-07The Ghosts
Poetry 2002-07-03See The Sadness I & II
Poetry 2001-10-24If It's Not...
Poetry 2002-07-04Sit And Wonder Why
Poetry 2002-07-04Soul Reaper
Poetry 2002-07-04Sick And Tired
Poetry 2002-07-04Time And Past
Poetry 2002-07-04Shadows
Poetry 2003-01-06Staring Up At Me
Poetry 2002-07-04So Many Words
Poetry 2002-07-04Paranoia Never Ending
Poetry 2002-07-03The Storm
Poetry 2002-07-03Lunacies of Madmen
Poetry 2000-11-25Me and My Shadow
Poetry 2000-11-25Storm of Fury
Poetry 2000-11-25All Hallows Eve
Poetry 2000-11-25My Minds' Own Jail
Poetry 2000-11-25Ten Seconds In My Head
Poetry 2000-11-25The Wizzard
Poetry 2001-11-17Miasmic Truths
Poetry 2002-06-14My Last Goodbye
Poetry 2002-09-04He Won't Hurt You Again
Poetry 2001-10-19Hello Helllo
Poetry 2002-01-04So Long
Poetry 2001-11-13Silent Screams
Poetry 2001-11-13We'll See You When We Get There
Poetry 2001-11-13My Secret Place
Poetry 2002-10-01Whatever Happened? (Childhood Innocence)
Poetry 2002-07-23Weeping Willow
Poetry 2003-01-06Whispers In My Head
Poetry 2001-12-23Obsidian Rage
Poetry 2002-01-08Recreated Hell
Poetry 2002-01-03The Moon and Mars (Fantsay)
Poetry 2002-07-02Sadness
Poetry 2002-05-04Unreal Addiction
Poetry 2002-05-17Vampyre
Poetry 2002-04-16Morbid Angel
Poetry 2002-06-01The Cause of Our Demise
Poetry 2002-08-19Freaks Feel
Poetry 2002-08-18Euphoric Delirium
Poetry 2002-08-28The End of Forever
Poetry 2002-09-23Flames of Hatred
Poetry 2002-09-28Nothing Changes
Poetry 2002-09-28Talons of a Dream
Poetry 2002-10-12Trapped Inside
Poetry 2002-12-12Nightmare Is Reality
Poetry 2002-10-27October Rust
Poetry 2002-11-12Angel of Death
Poetry 2002-12-03The Worlds Abuse
Poetry 2003-01-28Winds of Sadness
Poetry 2003-01-28Yesterday Is Gone
Poetry 2003-01-28Staring Up At Me
Poetry 2003-01-28Away On the Wind
Poetry 2003-01-28Starting To Scare Myself
Poetry 2003-01-28Waste of Life
Poetry 2003-01-28Kiss of Death
Poetry 2003-01-28A Voice In The Darkness
Poetry 2003-02-07Tonight Is The Night
Poetry 2003-02-07If You're Reading This (Suicide Note)
Poetry 2003-02-07I Want Not
Poetry 2003-02-19The Tenth Level of Hell
Poetry 2003-03-16Forever In Her Eyes
Poetry 2003-03-22Forty-Eight Hours To Heart Break
Poetry 2003-03-22Together We Cry
Poetry 2003-03-24Walking Away Again
Poetry 2003-03-24Walking Away
Poetry 2003-03-25Sometimes I Forget
Poetry 2003-03-28Parasitic Loneliness
Poetry 2003-04-28Would I Be Missed?
Poetry 2003-04-28Torn By War
Poetry 2003-05-05Shadow of a Rose
Poetry 2003-05-09I Didn't Even Know
Poetry 2003-06-01Fragments of Sanity
Poetry 2003-06-01Rotting Corpses
Poetry 2003-06-01Fuck You and Your Slushy
Poetry 2003-06-06The World's Biggest Lie
Poetry 2003-06-15My Vodoo Doll
Poetry 2003-06-16Masochistic Masquerade
Poetry 2003-06-16Another Tear Falls
Poetry 2003-06-26Tell Me
Poetry 2003-06-26Loneliness Kills
Poetry 2003-07-14To Sixout
Poetry 2003-09-06I Used To
Poetry 2003-09-06Missing You
Poetry 2003-09-08Mysstery Demystified
Poetry 2003-10-05Just The End
Poetry 2003-10-15Dear God
Poetry 2003-10-15Whisper On the Wind
Poetry 2003-10-22I Didn't Say Goodbye
Poetry 2003-10-25A Shadow On the Wall
Poetry 2003-11-05I Cry
Poetry 2003-11-05Ghost In The Rain
Poetry 2003-11-10Pray The Dark
Poetry 2003-12-12Catafalque For Christianity (religiously offensive)
Poetry 2004-01-14Life Like A Machine
Poetry 2004-02-15I Can Only Choke As I Try To Breathe
Poetry 2004-02-29Venemous Call
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