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The poetry i write depends on which mood change i am in at the time. some are sarcastic, some are funny, some are sad and some, just plain dark as fuck. mostly i am inspired by dreams, surreal art, secrets, my opinions, emotion, religion, and memories. if you have any tips i would be glad to hear them :)

all my poems are different so please don't judge based on one.

Serpents Lamb's Works

Poetry (Philosophical)2013-10-28The Climb.
Poetry (Spiritual)2013-10-29The Word God
Poetry (Personal)2013-11-03the gospel according to dio
Poetry (Rage)2013-08-17Sins of love
Poetry (Depressed)2013-08-16isolation
Poetry (Personal)2012-07-01Left Behind
Rant (Rage)2012-07-01Morning is not so glorious
Poetry (Fiction)2012-06-30Not so special now
Rant (Comedy)2012-06-30Through Tigers Eyes
Poetry (Horror)2012-06-30The shadow.
Other (Haiku)2012-06-30Even the queen farts
Poetry (Reflective)2012-06-30The Female Mind
Poetry (Philosophical)2012-06-30Art got lazy
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