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as long as imagination exists, matter is obsolete. - winds

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Poetry (Fiction)2012-04-06The knife in the dark
Poetry (Fiction)2012-04-06The last tree standing
Poetry 2012-04-07Sunrise in a cup
Poetry 2012-04-07Guitar
Poetry 2012-04-08Stone God
Poetry 2012-04-08Dying Beethoven
Poetry 2012-04-08A work of an art
Poetry 2012-04-09Violet-less
Poetry (Depressed)2012-04-12Red paints and dark tunes
Poetry (Depressed)2012-05-03Flat line
Poetry 2012-05-04Not now (my hand's lazy)
Poetry 2012-05-05A gloomy scene
Poetry 2012-05-08I sink
Poetry 2012-05-09Scribble
Poetry 2012-06-16Rose
Poetry 2012-08-13Rose (II)
Poetry 2012-09-08Modern lies
Poetry 2013-08-24Imbalance
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