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Hello. I'm broken. I didn't start out that way, but living the way I did changes a person, and not always in a good way. The way I've been raised has shown me what I don't want to be when I do grow up; who I am speaks wonders of who I used to be. I am a better person, not only for myself, but for those around me. I hope we can be friends. I've always needed them.

I don't know how long I can deal with the constant
push and pull of the anger that slinks into bed with us
It thinks it is all important
It's more than just violence and it's more than just a cuss
It knows where we go and what we do and sours
It sours the hours we apply ourselves
It defiles the isles we walk and wander
It trifles our stifles as if they were echoes lost to time
It makes us weak like a fine wine
This sunrise just doesn't feel warm
Doesn't feel like the kind of home I came to form
And through every second of doubt that I've fought
Every ounce of anger I've swallowed
And every single back handed compliment I've caught
Won't be the threads that weave my undoing
No matter how much you want to sit and wallow

I want to send a special shout out to Dwells, Devillish, and those who I've made such good pen pals with. An even more special shout to Amaryllis, who has sponsored my work and enabled me to write again! Thank you so much for the support from everyone, I've never felt more welcome.

Melancholic Vincent, you are a wonderful person and I hope you find happiness in your life. I have so enjoyed talking with you. Thank you for showing interest. I can't think of anything more enjoyable than being able to speak my mind, my real mind.

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