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Strangers pause as you pass by...
As you are now,
so once was I...

As I am now so you must be...

Prepare for Death
and follow Me.

Few are made for independence - it is a priviledge of the strong. And he who attempts it, having the completest right to it but without being "compelled" to, thereby proves that he is probably not only strong but also daring to the point of recklessness. He ventures into a labyrinth, he multipulies by a thousand the dangers which life as such already brings with it, not the smallest of which is that no one can behold how and where he goes astray, is cut off from others, and is torn pieces limb from limb by some cave-minotaur of consience. If such a one is destroyed, it takes place so far from the understanding of men that they neither feel it nor sympathize - and he can no longer go back! He can no longer go back even to the pity of men!
-Friedrich Nietzsche-

"I have sunk within the final abyss of desperation and found an infinite hole at the bottom"
-Max Hydrogen-

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