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Nox atra cava circumvolant umbra

Hunc oro sine me furere ante furorem

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Poetry 2013-12-11Flashing Lights
Poetry 2013-10-07Devils' Market
Poetry 2013-09-30Universe Theater
Poetry 2013-09-20Charred Silhouette
Poetry 2013-09-12It's the Return
Poetry 2011-07-01Neptune's Only Daughter
Poetry 2013-04-26A Songbird at Five
Poetry 2013-05-01Melodic Incumbency
Poetry 2013-04-24Reflected Most Bright on Waves of Calm Waters
Poetry 2013-04-01My Cage of Perception
Poetry 2013-06-11Want to Read a Poem?
Poetry 2013-06-11Jamsum:
Poetry 2013-05-31In Devotion Towards All
Poetry (Philosophical)2013-04-01Existence In Broken English
Poetry 2013-05-03Tits On Glass
Poetry 2013-04-07Made
Poetry 2013-03-20In Living Sleep
Poetry 2013-03-12The Searching
Poetry 2013-03-06Setting Down Into Sleep
Poetry 2013-04-01An Ugly Thought
Poetry 2013-03-20This = That
Poetry 2013-03-19Out to the Store
Poetry 2013-03-16Fish Roll
Poetry 2013-03-16It Is Written
Poetry 2013-03-14Is It Natural
Poetry 2013-03-13Cacophany
Poetry (Philosophical)2013-03-06Point Of Reckoning
Poetry 2013-05-06The Spell IV (Draft I)
Poetry 2013-02-27There Goes My Brain
Poetry (Philosophical)2013-02-27What's In A No-one?
Poetry (Philosophical)2013-02-27What's In An Us?
Poetry 2013-02-24Dead Lip
Poetry 2013-02-22Flatulence
Poetry 2013-02-22Lost In Lit
Poetry 2013-02-22In Pain
Poetry 2013-02-21School
Poetry 2013-02-16Memory?
Poetry 2013-02-15Laughter
Poetry 2013-02-13Meaning?
Poetry 2013-02-13When Time is Here and Gone
Poetry 2013-02-10Canned Bird
Poetry 2013-02-08Complete and Serious
Poetry 2013-02-05You're Dead
Poetry 2013-02-05Can I Repeat That Please?
Poetry 2013-02-02Death and Rebirth
Poetry 2013-01-31Concrete Kissing Daisies
Poetry (Non-Fiction)2013-01-30A Puddle of Silk
Poetry (Haiku)2012-10-03Eurus
Poetry 2012-07-31Here. Again.
Poetry 2012-05-06Consume
Poetry 2012-04-11Something Blue
Poetry 2012-04-10Evaporation
Short Story 2012-02-09Numb Jelly, Juice & Gin
Short Story 2012-02-02Cuss
Poetry (Reflective)2012-01-16I am Not the Speaker of this Poem
Poetry 2012-01-12ETH NED
Poetry (Abuse)2011-12-27Roman Candle of Deceit
Poetry (Depressed)2011-12-21Before The Fall
Poetry 2011-12-20The Vase (A Premature Burial of Self)
Poetry (Non-Fiction)2011-12-19Pazuzu Bits
Poetry (Depressed)2011-12-18A Clown
Lyrics 2011-12-11A Demon Seemingly Stabled
Poetry 2011-12-11A Car Crash of Existence
Poetry (Reflective)2011-12-10What Isn't Me
Poetry (Depressed)2011-12-05Hopes and Dreams; Oh How They Seem
Poetry 2011-11-28Obliterating One's Oesophagus
Poetry 2011-11-26Reaping Of Your Innocence
Poetry (Tribute)2011-09-15Shakespearean Sordid Seductress and I
Poetry (Reflective)2011-09-08Epoch of Illustrious Amphetamines
Poetry 2011-09-02A Lewd Entertaining
Poetry 2011-08-29The White Powder Taste
Poetry 2011-08-29Snow Hope
Poetry 2011-08-29Slither
Poetry (Rage)2011-08-29Abate
Poetry 2011-08-27Distinctly Forgotten
Poetry 2011-08-27Tea for None
Poetry (Political)2011-08-21O Precious Whore, Where Art Thou?
Poetry 2011-08-17Radio Interference
Poetry 2011-08-12Somewhere . . . Enjambed Deep in my Skull
Poetry 2011-08-12A Black Bread Basket
Poetry 2011-08-12Are you flying that plane?
Poetry 2011-08-11"Untitled" (Wasser)
Rant 2011-07-31Irrefutable Evidence of a Subversive Mind
Poetry 2011-07-23Alimentive Distraught
Poetry (Structured)2011-07-16Crepuscular Temptress
Poetry 2011-07-13demons form a lump in my soul
Poetry (Spiritual)2011-07-09Myth's Myrmidon
Lyrics (Haiku)2011-07-05How It Is
Poetry (Tribute)2011-06-28Valley of the Gates of Kings (The Great and Majestic Necropolis)
Poetry (Abuse)2011-06-28Mutter Dämon in die Mutter Löwen Wurf
Poetry 2011-06-26Recalcitrant
Poetry 2011-06-193525: 6
Poetry 2011-06-11Across the Breeze
Poetry (Abuse)2011-05-29Lunacy and Lust
Poetry (Abuse)2011-05-25Emotionally Illiterate
Poetry 2011-05-243525: 5
Poetry (Non-Fiction)2011-05-23'Nature'@30,
Poetry 2011-05-153525: 4
Lyrics (Rage)2011-05-11The Pieces that Remain (Will Soon Perish)
Poetry (Depressed)2011-05-112:51 am
Poetry (Non-Fiction)2011-05-11Admiration
Poetry (Depressed)2011-05-08Steam
Poetry 2011-05-08The Haunt
Poetry (Reflective)2011-05-07Newspapers
Poetry (Depressed)2011-05-07Deliver me
Poetry (Depressed)2011-05-07At the station
Poetry (Reflective)2011-05-07In the mirror
Poetry (Reflective)2011-05-07Insecure
Poetry (Reflective)2011-05-06Blame
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