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My name is Katie but SweetSadistic is fine by me. Being me I love litterature however I prefer a more traditional, old fashioned, creepy type of work. One is never truly finished. just because I've written one good poem, doesn't mean there aren't many others to be made. It's like breathing, writing. You can't live without the satisfaction it gives you.

My one goal, for the words I write to actually make you see, even "feel" them exactly how they are.

I'm sorry, but I'm the type who only puts poems on here when I'm in the mood to write. This is an escape haven. Funny enough. I like to read others' poetry, you can learn a lot from a person in doing so.

SweetSadistic's Works

Poetry (Love)2011-01-25Innocent sin
Poetry (Spiritual)2011-01-31One to Rule Them All
Poetry (Erotica)2011-02-01Twisted Touch
Poetry (Reflective)2011-02-02Girls and their dolls.
Poetry 2011-02-08Curves
Poetry (Fantasy)2011-02-12Last night's dream.
Poetry (Love)2011-02-13My Valentine
Poetry (Personal)2011-02-14Enticing Cold
Poetry (Erotica)2011-02-17Show me
Poetry (Personal)2011-02-18A Daisey's Innocence
Poetry (Spiritual)2011-02-27Heaven Falls
Poetry (Erotica)2011-02-28Euphoric Seduction
Short Story 2011-03-13Dance of the Night
Poetry 2011-04-04Under Pressure
Poetry (Personal)2011-05-16Fragile Life
Poetry (Tribute)2011-08-17Welcome to Realization
Poetry 2011-08-18The Poet's Seducing Secrets
Poetry (Depressed)2011-08-19Betrayal
Poetry (Perverse)2011-08-30Twisted Little Girls
Poetry (Personal)2011-10-19The difference between poets and boys
Poetry 2012-05-09Where have all the Poes gone?
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