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After not writing and posting since August 2017, I'm back.. for a while. I might not always write elegantly, gracefully or professionally, but I write what my heart needs to say.

It's always 10:43 in my time.


"You want to know what Zeus said to Narcissus? 'You'd better watch yourself.'" - Marilyn Manson

10 Forty Three's Works

Lyrics (Comedy)2016-11-01I Want to be Straight
Poetry (Depressed)2019-06-12Again
Poetry (Depressed)2016-05-14Clearance Book
Poetry (Depressed)2019-02-06Down
Poetry (Depressed)2016-08-13A Haunted Entity
Poetry (Depressed)2016-10-07Just For Tonight
Poetry (Depressed)0000-00-00The Obscuration of 10:43
Poetry (Depressed)2016-09-16Sugar-Coated Anxiety
Poetry (Horror)2015-08-30Dreamons
Poetry (Ironic)2016-10-25No Common Sense Syndrome
Poetry (Ironic)2011-02-02Ventriloquist Puppet
Poetry (Love)2016-09-26I Want to Marry a Poet
Poetry (Personal)2011-02-26ABC's of my Life
Poetry (Personal)2016-09-23ABC's of my Life 2 (2016)
Poetry (Personal)2011-02-04Dark Side Inside
Poetry (Personal)2019-05-27Incorrigible Impressions
Poetry (Personal)2011-02-17The Immortal Darkness (Dokim)
Poetry (Personal)2015-08-28It Creeps Back In
Poetry (Personal)2016-10-14Infinite Walls
Poetry (Personal)2016-09-20Vantadarkness
Poetry (Personal)2017-02-25Warming Thoughts
Poetry (Philosophical)0000-00-00Illusion is Never Impossible
Poetry (Philosophical)2019-02-10Same Day, New Person
Poetry (Philosophical)2016-12-04The Sheet of Paper
Poetry (Rage)2016-11-21Don't Look Away
Poetry (Rage)2016-11-02Relentless
Poetry (Reflective)0000-00-00One Set of Footprints
Poetry (Reflective)0000-00-00I Feel... Happy?
Poetry (Reflective)2016-11-07Into the Unknown
Poetry (Reflective)2017-08-15Sand
Poetry (Reflective)2017-01-01Sapphire Crinkles
Poetry (Reflective)2017-08-15Spread Out to Vertical South
Poetry (Reflective)2019-02-05Yes, I Am the Worst, pt. 2
Poetry (Spiritual)2016-10-22Effervescent Zombies
Poetry (Tribute)2011-02-22foREVer
Poetry (Tribute)2011-02-16Strangers
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