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I'm Bernadette, kind of an emo kid. But I try not to be.
I love to write poems and stories.
I want to be in the military when I'm older so expect my poems to be military and bloody.
I am also a hard core Catholic
That's it :D

spetsnaz1234's Works

Poetry 2010-12-13Was I Meant to be Alone?
Poetry 2010-12-13Depression
Poetry 2010-12-14Heaven
Poetry 2010-12-14Soldier's Promise
Poetry 2010-12-21Friendship =)
Poetry 2010-12-22God Will Prevail
Poetry 2010-12-22No Traitor
Poetry 2010-12-22Parents
Poetry 2010-12-23Soldier's Nightmare
Poetry 2010-12-23Don't Let Me Die
Poetry 2011-01-31American Dream
Poetry 2011-01-31A Dream Gone Bad
Short Story (Love)2011-03-21Til Death Do Us Part
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