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I'm a very opinionated person, first off. I don't mean to offend anybody.
I love my piano and Music in general.
I have a passion for photography and image editing, as you can see by the red eye, weird I know, but hey, judge me if you want.
I put my poems on here because I know what other people will think, I hope you lot understand some of them, I really appreciate it ~rose

Winter Rose's Works

Poetry (Horror)2013-01-13Soul Survivor
Poetry (Fantasy)2012-11-24My name is the Joker!
Poetry (Horror)2012-07-26The Night Prowler
Poetry (Horror)2012-05-13The Woman in Black
Poetry (Fantasy)2012-05-06Nightmares in Wonderland
Poetry (Reflective)2012-05-02The Liars
Poetry (Fantasy)2011-06-15Falling Down The Rabbit Hole
Poetry (Love)2011-06-11My FairyTale
Poetry (Fantasy)2011-06-11Burn Baby, Burn.
Poetry (Abuse)2011-02-09Don't upset the Judge
Poetry (Personal)2010-12-11You're too strong
Poetry (Personal)2010-12-11Everyday Battle
Poetry (Fantasy)2010-12-11My Angel, My Suicide
Poetry (Horror)2010-11-18Lord Loss
Poetry (Depressed)2010-11-12Blackness
Poetry (Fiction)2010-11-12Vampire Academy - Rose
Poetry (Fantasy)2010-11-12The workings of an Angel
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