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Either it'll
move me
or it'll
move right
through me.



Crush_With_Eyeliner's Works

Poetry 2014-05-21Albert, you're absurd!
Poetry 2014-04-07Death of the Dirge
Poetry 2012-01-09Entropy
Poetry 2012-01-09Diligence in Spacial Dimensions 1 - 4
Poetry 2011-10-15A Ballad For...
Poetry 2011-10-01Spilled Milk
Poetry 2011-09-14Melancholia
Poetry 2011-09-14Once More, With Feeling
Poetry 2011-09-07Human Tide (Dead Horse #2)
Poetry 2011-09-06Nostalgia for the Dead Horse
Poetry 2011-08-09Gently
Poetry 2011-08-09Trading math for bricks
Poetry 2011-07-21A Great Conversationalist
Poetry 2011-07-21An Unfortunate Author
Poetry 2011-07-21Kill Your Idols
Poetry 2011-05-28The Moral Imperative of the Anti-Protagonist
Poetry 2011-05-28Short Eulogy (for GIl)
Poetry 2011-04-13An Ode to Women Through the Ages
Poetry 2011-04-09She Fucked Me and Left
Lyrics 2011-02-26Deliverance
Poetry 2011-02-24Sisyphus, Begin Anew
Poetry 2011-02-21Agent Provocateur
Poetry 2011-02-21Pravda
Poetry 2011-02-21Anti-Stasis
Poetry 2011-01-13A Morning Occurence
Poetry 2011-01-08A way around it
Poetry 2011-01-08love letters
Poetry 2010-12-27A Sacred Charm
Poetry 2010-12-11Awake (Biblically)
Poetry 2010-12-08Nihil Obstat
Poetry 2010-12-01A Small Act of Defiance
Poetry 2010-11-25On the Occasion of the 30th Anniversary of My Birth
Poetry 2010-11-25Memory Staccato
Poetry 2010-11-19Slaves & Bulldozers
Poetry 2010-11-19Conjured from the Still
Poetry 2010-11-18Tongue
Poetry 2010-11-14Truth
Poetry 2010-11-13Nil Desperandum #3
Poetry 2010-11-10To Covet
Poetry 2010-11-10Anticipation
Poetry 2010-11-10You Wear it Well
Poetry 2010-11-09Conviction
Poetry 2010-11-06Exhale; Begin
Poetry 2010-11-03Written by my Father Novemeber 1974
Poetry 2010-11-02Counterintuitive
Poetry 2010-11-01Redhead
Poetry 2010-10-31Traumfeiern
Poetry 2010-10-30Apokatastasis
Poetry 2010-10-27Confession #2 (Sorry Richard)
Poetry 2010-10-25Struck
Poetry 2010-10-24Miracle Navel
Poetry 2010-10-20an offer, declined
Poetry 2010-10-19Grocer of Despair
Poetry 2010-10-18Forever
Poetry 2010-10-17Memories and Cardboard Tassles Pt. 3
Poetry 2010-10-16We Fought for Seville-Orange
Poetry 2010-10-16Antithetical Deconstruction
Poetry 2010-10-14A Flower
Poetry 2010-10-12Rorschach Skin
Poetry 2010-10-08Binary Rust
Poetry 2010-10-07Here We Dance With Ghosts
Poetry 2010-10-07Summability
Poetry 2010-10-04A Warning to My Younger Self
Poetry 2010-10-08Pictures Like Train Wrecks (2003)
Poetry 2010-10-04A Clean Death
Poetry 2010-10-04Freudian Boxscore
Poetry 2010-10-04A Long Hiatus
Poetry 2010-10-04A Ghost Drives Onward to the Beach
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